Booking your next cruise with Princess? The all-inclusive packages have undergone recent changes so Cruise Passenger has provided the ultimate guide to the inclusions and prices.

For 2023 sailings onwards, Princess Cruises has expanded its all-inclusive options via three inclusive package deals. 

Princess Standard

The Princess Standard package includes just the basic cruise experience with no extensive add-ons. This package includes accommodation, dining in complimentary restaurants, entertainment and activities, pool and gym access, and Room Service breakfast. 

This package serves as the basic fare paid by guests which also covers essential amenities. In addition, this package is good for cruisers who are not into alcoholic drinks as it doesn’t include drinks or beverage packages. 

On the other hand, daily gratuities or the crew appreciation charge is not included in the package. 

Princess Cruises all-inclusive perks.
Princess Cruises’ guests onboard enjoy the line’s beverage package.

Princess Plus Package

The Princess Plus package includes everything in the Princess Standard plus additional perks. The Plus package offers Starlink internet access for one device per guest, crew appreciation, Plus beverage package, an unlimited juice bar, premium desserts, and fitness classes. Additionally, OceanNow food delivery, two casual dining meals, and room service delivery are also part of the perks. 

As per Princess Cruises, the Princess Plus package has a total value of $140 per day for only $60 cost per day. In addition, the line claims that the average guest’s savings is up to $668 for a weeklong sailing. 

Princess Premier Package

For Princess Cruises, the best value of all three packages is the Premiere package as it offers over 65 percent savings per guest onboard. The package includes everything in the Standard package, WiFi access for up to four devices per guest, crew appreciation (gratuities), beverage package with drinks up to $20 each, unlimited access to the juice bar, unlimited premium desserts, unlimited fitness classes, and unlimited digital photo package. 

Additionally, Princess prizes which include onboard credits and free cruises are also part of the package together with unlimited casual dining, two  specialty dining, special Medallion accessory,  reserved seating for production shows in the theater, and OceanNow® delivery service and room service delivery. 

According to Princess Cruises, the total value of the Premiere package is $257 per day at a price of $80 per day, per person. 

Plus and Premier packages additional perks

The enhanced Princess Plus and Princess Premiere packages also have perks even during embarkation. For guests who booked either of the plans get to have complimentary room service delivery and access to “Green Lane” boarding. Additionally, Plus and Premiere guests are offered complimentary use of OceanNow, the line’s location-based delivery service for food and beverages. Also, OceanNow’s activation fee amounting to $14.99 per guest is waived for Plus and Premier passengers. 

On the other hand, Princess Cruises also announced that some casual dining venues such as the Vines, Alfredo’s, Salty Dog, Ocean Terrace, and O’Malleys now have three-course meals at a fixed price. However, Plus and Premier passengers can dine for free.

Unfortunately, pizza at Alfredo’s and Gigi’s which used to be part of the complimentary menus is now for a fee. 

Princess packages can be purchased during cruise booking or can be done later through guests’ personalizer. Once onboard, can only avail of the packages until the second day of sailing.