Win a $15,274 river cruise for 2 from AmaWaterways
Win a $15,274 river cruise for 2 from AmaWaterways

The River Cruise Collective and AmaWaterways are giving away a 7-night cruise on any 2024 and select 2025 European cruise itineraries.

River cruising goes year-round to beat crowds and save 15% on fares
River cruising goes year-round to beat crowds and save 15% on fares

The allure of shoulder season cruising has taken Australians by storm, with river cruise lines rewarding demand with more departures than ever before almost year round.

Is AmaMagna twice as nice?
Is AmaMagna twice as nice?

AmaMagna is twice the width of almost every other river ship in Europe with its large cabins, four restaurants but just 196 passengers.

Guide to cruising The Danube River
Guide to cruising The Danube River

Cruising the Danube river is inviting you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Central European culture, history, and hospitality that have made the Danube one of the world's most beloved river cruising destinations.

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An exterior view of the Ama MAGNA in Passau.

A second AmaMagna to launch, signals success for AmaWaterways

Europe’s largest river ship will have a twin, with AmaWaterways confirming a second AmaMagna will be built for debut in 2027.

WORDS BY Daisy Melwani . Jun 12 2024
TUI Rivercruises

Aussies caught in river cruise rising waters havoc

River cruisers heading to Europe could face unexpected cancellations and delays due to unpredictable weather conditions in the region, causing rising waters and flooding in affected areas.

WORDS BY Daisy Melwani . Jun 11 2024
budapest fisherman's bastion

AmaWaterways unveils two new ships for the 2026 river cruise season

AmaWaterways will have two brand new ships sailing in 2026, AmaSofia will be exploring the Rhine and Danube Rivers in Europe and AmaKaia will be sailing on the Mekong river.

WORDS BY Tallis Boerne Marcus . Jun 4 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you pack for a river cruise?

Packing for a river cruise depends on factors like the destination, time of year, and planned activities. Essentials may include comfortable clothing, layers for varying weather conditions, sunscreen, and a water bottle. On a European river cruise, if you’re travelling during summer, it will get hot so you need to bring a wide-brimmed hat, good walking shoes, and swimwear. But in winter for Christmas market river cruises, you need to pack wet weather gear, warm clothes, as well as closed in shoes like flat boots for walking.

Which region offers the most affordable river cruise?

The affordability of river cruises can vary depending on factors such as the destination, time of year, and available promotions. It's essential to research different regions and compare prices to find the best value for your money.

Are river cruises more affordable than ocean cruises?

River Cruises vs. Ocean Cruises: Price Tag or Packed Itinerary?

While both river and ocean cruises offer unforgettable travel experiences, the price tag can be a major deciding factor. On the surface, ocean cruises often appear cheaper. But when you dig deeper into what's included, the true value proposition of river cruises can emerge.

The All-Inclusive Advantage of River Cruises

While some ocean cruises offer "all-inclusive" packages, these often come at a premium and may not be truly comprehensive. River cruises, on the other hand, frequently include many extras in their base price. Here's a breakdown of some key cost factors:

  • Meals: Both river and ocean cruises typically provide multiple meals a day. However, river cruises tend to feature high-quality dining experiences, with regionally-inspired cuisine and attentive service.

  • Beverages: Many river cruises include beer, wine, and soft drinks with meals, while ocean cruises may only offer water or charge extra for beverages. This can add up significantly over the course of your trip, potentially costing hundreds of dollars extra.

  • Shore Excursions: River cruises often include guided tours in each port of call, allowing you to delve deeper into the history and culture of each destination. Ocean cruises may offer shore excursions, but they typically come at an additional cost, which can range from $50 to $200 per excursion. For example, a typical Rhine River cruise might include walking tours through charming towns like Heidelberg and Cologne, while a Caribbean ocean cruise might require an extra fee for a guided excursion to Mayan ruins.

No Days at Sea? Pack Your Bags!

Unlike ocean cruises with long stretches at sea, river cruises spend most nights docked right in the heart of towns and cities. This allows you to maximize your exploration time and eliminates those sea days that some travelers find monotonous. Imagine waking up in Budapest and strolling through the Buda Castle district, or enjoying a scenic evening cruise along the Danube after a day of exploration in Vienna.

Example: The Danube Beckons

Let's take a hypothetical week-long cruise on the Danube River. A quick price comparison might show an ocean cruise to the South Pacific for $3,000 per person, while a Danube river cruise appears more expensive at $4,000. However, when you consider that the river cruise likely includes gratuities, meals with drinks, and several shore excursions, the gap narrows considerably. Factor in the unique experiences of exploring historic European cities without sea days, and the river cruise may well represent better value for money.

The Choice is Yours: Price or Immersion?

Ultimately, the decision between a river cruise and an ocean cruise depends on your travel priorities. If you crave a relaxing escape with plenty of onboard entertainment and activities, an ocean cruise might be ideal. But if you're passionate about cultural immersion and maximizing your exploration time in fascinating destinations, a river cruise may offer a richer, all-inclusive experience that justifies the initial price tag.

Generally, river cruises tend to be more expensive than ocean cruises due to their smaller size and more inclusive nature. However, the cost can vary depending on the destination and cruise line.

What is the average cost of a river cruise?

The average cost of a river cruise can vary depending on factors like your chosen itinerary, travel dates, and the amenities offered by different cruise lines. It's best to research various options and compare prices to find the most suitable one for your budget.