About Cruise Passenger and Cruise&Travel magazine


Cruise Passenger magazine was first published in 1996, as a twice-yearly independent publication giving a voice to the cruise passenger.

Since then, our passion for cruising, ships, destinations, and itineraries has grown with the booming industry.

And our magazine is now published four times a year to inspire and inform the cruising public – and hopefully inspire those who’ve never cruised to book one next time they’re looking for the perfect holiday.

We also publish a Cruise Planner once a year, for those who need more tips and tricks to enjoy their cruise holidays and for those considering a cruise for the first time.

Our magazine has grown in size and stature and is now frequently over 120 pages – our biggest-ever issue was recently published at 196 pages.

Cruise&Travel magazine

In 2022, Cruise Passenger magazine became Cruise&Travel – providing information for cruise passengers – and general travellers too! Cruise passengers are also travellers who book hotels, resorts and tours.

Inside the glossy cover, you’ll pages of in-depth insights into cruise trends, reviews of ships and cruise lines, beautiful photographs, and advice on how to choose the best cruise.

And how to make the most of it once you’re booked, plus information on destinations, ports and how to book.

So if you’re on social media, look Cruise Passenger up on Facebook! It’s where our community gathers to share thoughts, opinions, and general cruising information. You can also win great prizes, just for getting involved with discussions!

And our Instagram page, Cruise&Travel provides the best inspiration for your next cruise holiday, hotel stays and even airline reviews.

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