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Wondering what you need to pack? What is food onboard a cruise line? What accommodation should I book? Or what should insurance should I book for more cruise? This is the best place to find tips and advice before you book your next voyage.

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2025 Best cruises from Southeast Asia from $462pp for five nights

Recognizing the potential of the region as a promising market for the cruising industry, major cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line are increasing their number of cruises in Southeast Asia.

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Apr 16 2024
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Cruise lines offer Kimberley expeditions from $7818pp

Cruise lines highlight 2024 luxury expedition cruises to The Kimberley for those seeking an adventure that transcends the ordinary. 

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Apr 8 2024
Tips & Advice

What happens when cruise ships leave guests behind? 

The dream of a luxurious cruise vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare when a cruise ship departs without its full complement of passengers. While cruise lines have strict protocols in place to prevent such occurrences, the unfortunate reality is that guests occasionally find themselves stranded at ports of call while their floating paradise sails on without them.

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Apr 4 2024
Saving Tips & Deals

Can you really get 80% off a cruise? The truth about those special deals

Cruising is back, offering an abundance of deals, but are they too good to be true? Uncover the truth behind those enticing offers and ensure you're getting genuine value with our comprehensive cruise deals checklist.

WORDS BY Peter Lynch . Mar 15 2024
Tips & Advice

7 ways to get a cabin upgrade

Get more bang for your buck? Top tips on getting a cabin upgrade on your next cruise from special offers to loyalty programs.

WORDS BY Grant Jones . Mar 11 2024
Tips & Advice

10 ways to stay safe on your shore excursion

The majority of cruise passengers will jet off on shore excursions during their cruise, and given the various remote and exciting destinations that cruises travel to, safety should always be a primary concern.

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Feb 29 2024
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Best cruises from Melbourne with savings of up to $1000

Cruise lines departing from Melbourne are offering best-value cruises with savings of up to $1000 per person. 

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Feb 28 2024

Best cruises from Sydney offer up to 60% off, saving thousands

As more and more cruisers want to embark their voyages from Australia's iconic harbour city, Cruise Passenger highlights some of the best cruises from Sydney for 2024 and 2025.

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Feb 21 2024
Ship Guide

Cruise Passenger Ultimate Guide: Crown Princess

Crown Princess is set to be deployed in Australia this year on a year-round basis starting this October. 

WORDS BY Nuelan Magbanua . Feb 12 2024
Tips & Advice

How a baggage handler saves cruisers – and a marriage! And 7 tips to ensure your bags aren’t lost

One of the unsung heroes of cruise, the baggage handlers, gives his tips on beating baggage debacles

WORDS BY David Jones . Feb 2 2024
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Travel insurance costs are soaring – here’s how to save hundreds

Mozo’s travel insurance report for 2024 has revealed how even for a holiday as short as two weeks, quickly comparing travel insurance can save you hundreds.

WORDS BY Tallis Boerne Marcus . Jan 30 2024