Dams threaten Asia’s most successful river cruise destination

Four years ago in the beautiful world heritage town of Luang Prabang, Laos, I stood at the top of a hill and looked down at the mighty Mekong. It was a trickle. Our guide sighed […]

WORDS BY Peter Lynch . Jan 14 2020

Myanmar makes a comeback for 2020 – here’s what’s on offer

The Irrawaddy is springing back to life in 2020 with river cruise lines re-entering Myanmar for the first time in years. One of the lines lifting the veil again is APT, with a range of […]

WORDS BY Rose Jacobs . Dec 10 2019

Avalon re-enters Egypt as the Nile comes back to life

Avalon Waterways is returning to Egypt and the Nile as the destination regains its cruise popularity. Avalon halted Egyptian itineraries due to the country’s continuing turmoil.  But now it has joined a number of lines […]

WORDS BY Rose Jacobs . Dec 4 2019

The romantic Lower Danube River

The Danube River is one of the most romantic rivers of Europe. It is also the second longest river, after the Volga, meandering through 10 countries. While most short river cruises tend to congregate on […]

WORDS BY Teresa Ooi . Oct 31 2019

Lessons for all cruisers from the Scenic court case

As the sun sets on the European 2019 river cruise season, the major lines are breathing a huge sigh of relief. It’s been a relatively trouble-free seven months in Europe – a far cry from […]

WORDS BY Peter Lynch . Oct 16 2019

Ultimate river guide: The Mekong River

The Mekong River always been a magnet for curious travellers keen to explore amazing ancient cultures and civilisations of Southeast Asia.

WORDS BY Teresa Ooi . Sep 3 2019

The Volga – “the Queen of rivers”

Famous French author Alexandre Dumas once described the Volga as “the Queen of rivers.” For thousands of years, the longest river in Europe has played a central role in Russian life. If you want to […]

WORDS BY Teresa Ooi . Sep 2 2019

The Upper Danube

The Danube is one of the best ways to see old Europe and a great introduction to river cruising. Rising in Germany’s Black Forest and flowing along 10 countries, the second longest river in Europe […]

WORDS BY Vanessa Wu . Sep 2 2019