A wide array of drinks packages to choose from could be overwhelming on the part of a cruiser.

It is always advised that guests must know what they want, not to mention the budget they have allotted for drinks and beverages. A clear-cut understanding of these packages, the inclusions as well as the restrictions, and most importantly, the cost are key to choosing the best deal. 

Drinks and beverage packages have advantages like the convenience of all-inclusive pricing instead of signing frequent drink checks. Yet some packages restrict the menu options or venues you can utilise them in. As cruise lines update their respective package features, qualifications and pricing, it is a must that cruisers get to have an idea on what these updated package features are. 

Drinks and Beverage packages
Guests enjoy Princess Cruises’ beverage package.

Here is Cruise Passenger’s ultimate guide to drinks and beverage packages for 2024. 

Azamara Cruises

Azamara Cruises offers its enhanced inclusive beverage bundles. The ‘Premium Package’ which is priced at $18.95 per guest per day includes a wide selection of  bottled beer and spirits. Meanwhile, the line’s ‘Ultimate Beverage Package’ includes everything listed in the Premium Package plus non-alcoholic beverages, an extensive selection of wine by the glass, and premium spirits. This bundle is priced at $26.95 per guest per day. 

On the other hand, Azamara also offers the ‘Wine Lovers Package’ which includes all bottles of wine valued up to $50. This bundle starts with a 5-bottle package priced at $180 to 12-bottle package for $350. Additionally, the ‘Wine Connoisseur Package’ includes all bottles of wine valued up to $75. The bundle’s 5-bottle package is priced at $315 while its 12-bottle bundle is priced at $630.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line is offering four beverage packages for guests on board. The “Bottomless Bubbles” is an unlimited soda deal good for the duration of the voyage. This is priced at $6.95 per child per day and $9.50 per adult per day. For guests who are into spirited beverages, The “Cheers” beverage program is a good deal with a starting price at $59.95 per person per day. This program includes all spirits and cocktails, beer, and wine by the glass with a menu price of $20 or lower, sodas, and packaged water in Dining Room and Specialty Restaurants. By purchasing the “Cheers’ ‘ program, guests are also entitled to a 25% discount on any spirit or wine by the glass above $20, wine and champagne by the bottle, and seminar and class beverages. 

In addition, the line also offers “Cruise the Vineyard Wine Package” and “Cruise the Vineyard Premium Wine Package” which allow guests to enjoy world-class wines at a discounted price. With a starting price of $81 for “Cruise the Vineyard Wine Package” and $124 for the premium one, these drink packages feature wines from Italy, Chile, France, Argentina and more. Meanwhile, an 18% service charge is added on top of the beverage charge. There’s no refund for unconsumed wines but passengers may take home unopened drinks. 

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises has three-tiered drink packages for passengers to enjoy. The “Classic Drink Package” which includes bottled water, premium coffees and teas as well as a selection of cocktails, spirits, beers, liquors, wine by the glass and frozen drinks for up to $10 per serving. In addition, guests are entitled to a 15% discount for purchase of wines by the bottle. 

Meanwhile, the “Premium Drink Package” entitles guests to drinks included in the Classic package plus drinks up to $17 per serving. Wines by the bottle on the other hand can be purchased with 20% off. Finally, the “Non-Alcoholic Drink Package” includes premium bottled water such as Perrier, Aqua Panna, Vitamin Water, and Evian. Also included are coffees, organic teas, bottled iced teas, fresh juices from The Spa Café, frozen smoothies, and soda selections.

Furthermore, a 20% service charge is added to  Classic, Premium, and Non-Alcoholic Drink Package prices upon checkout. 

Cunard Lines

Cunard Lines is offering a four-tiered A World of Drinks program with varying prices depending on the length of cruise. The “Soft Drinks Option” which includes unlimited consumption of sodas, selected fruit juices, cordials and squash has a starting price of $12. On the other hand, the “Specialty Hot Drinks Option” which includes coffees, teas, and hot chocolates is priced at $13.50. 

The line also offers the “Premium Soft Drinks Option” priced at $36. This package includes a range of sodas, small bottled waters, juices, speciality hot drinks, and non-alcoholic cocktails. Guests are entitled to a 20% off for non-alcoholic drinks excluded in the package. 

Meanwhile, the “Beers, Wines and Spirits Option ” is priced at $95 for cruises less than five nights, $80 for 5 to 14 night- itinerary, $75 for 15-84 nights of cruise, and $55 for 85 nights and beyond. This package includes a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits, liquors, and cocktails of up to $13.50 per serving plus all the inclusion on the Premium Soft Drinks Option. In addition, guests are also entitled to a 20% off on drinks priced above $13.50 per serving. 

All prices in the packages are charged on a per person per night basis. 

Holland America Line

Holland America Line’s Cruise Drink and Beverage Packages are divided into five bundles: three for adults (21 and up) and two for zero-alcohol beverage bundles. The ultimate “Have It All Package” priced at $50 per person per day is the line’s signature drinks package. This package also includes other premium extras such as specialty dining, Wi-Fi access, and excursions. On the other hand, the “Elite Beverage Package” offers a 15-drink limit per day from an array of the line’s collection of premium spirits, wines and cocktails of up to $15 price per serving. The bundle also includes all those included under Signature and Quence bundles plus original cocktails by Dale DeGroff. The Elite bundle is priced at $59.99 per person per day. 

Meanwhile, the line’s “Signature Beverage Package” entitles guests to enjoy spirits, beers, cocktails, and wines of up to $11 per serving. This bundle also includes everything listed under the Quench bundle. Guests who purchase this bundle are given a 15-drink daily limit for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The Signature bundle is at $54.95 per guest per day. 

Holland America Line’s zero-alcohol bundles are the “Quench”  and “Coca-Cola”. The “Quench” is priced at $17.95 per guest per day and includes Coca-Cola products, coffees, mocktails, and water. There’s also a 15-drink daily limit per guest. Finally, the Coca-Cola bundle offers unlimited fountain sodas for $8 per guest per day. 

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises offers five drink bundles for its guests to choose from. The line’s ‘Easy Package’ which is priced at $46 per person per day includes select classic cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails and mixed drinks, spirits, house wines, draft beer Heineken and bottled beer Heineken. Sodas, bottled Mineral Water, and classic hot drinks like espresso, cappuccino, caffèlatte, hot tea, and hot chocolate are also part of the bundle. On the other hand, the ‘Easy Plus Package’ pretty much covers all beverages of up to $10 including frozen and classic cocktails, spirits, and bottled beers. This bundle also includes non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks, bottled mineral water, an array of hot drinks, and wines by the glass. There’s also a 10% discount on bottles of wine when purchased on board. This bundle is priced at $61 per person per day. 

The ‘Premium Extra Package’ covers all beverages valued up to $16 including premium and international cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks, premium brand spirits, cordials and liqueurs, an array of fine wine by the glass, and champagne by the glass. Also included are draft and bottled beers, bottled mineral water, classic and specialty hot drinks. Additionally, there’s a 25% off for bottled wine and champagne onboard purchase. This drinks package is priced at $85 per person per day. 

Meanwhile, the line’s ‘Alcohol-Free Package’ which includes, non-alcoholic cocktails, energy drinks, sodas, flavored water, 

fresh fruit and protein cocktails, ice cream, and a selection of hot drinks is priced at $28 per person per day. Lastly, the ‘Minors Package’ is priced at $19 per guest per day and includes non-alcoholic drinks for passengers below 21 years old. 

Furthermore, gratuities are already included in all prepaid and postpaid drink packages. 

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line offers four drinks packages for cruisers onboard. The first one is the “Unlimited Open Bar Package” which guests could enjoy on board as well as at Great Stirrup Cay. Priced at $109 per person per day, guests can choose from premium spirits and cocktails as well as beers and wine by the glass below $15 per serving. In addition, guests are also entitled to a 20% discount for all champagnes and wines by the bottle. Moreover, this bundle entitles guests to enjoy unlimited sodas and juices. 

Another beverage bundle is the “Premium Plus Beverage Package” which includes premium cocktails, spirits, beers, wines, and the  exclusive brand of rosé Champagne by the glass. Also included are select premium wines with dinner and a 40% off on other wines by the bottle. In addition, this bundle also offers unlimited bottled water, juices, and sodas plus specialty drinks and all Starbucks® coffee. The Premium Plus bundle is priced at $138 per guest per day. The line’s “Unlimited Soft Drink Package” bundles endless fountain sodas for the entire duration of the cruise. This package is priced at $9.95 per person per day. 

Finally, NCL also offers “Unlimited Starbucks® Package” which includes all coffees and teas all for $12.95 per guest per day. 

Furthermore, a 20% gratuity is added on top of all these bundles at checkout. 

Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises‘ “Simply MORE Included” all inclusive package includes the “House Select” bundle where guests get to enjoy champagne, wine and beer with lunch and dinner in any of the dining venues onboard. In addition, guests may opt to upgrade their beverage bundle to “Prestige Select” to enjoy unlimited premium spirits and all the other drinks included in the House Select bundle. The Prestige bundle is priced at $30 per guest per day. 

P&O Australia

P&O Australia has five drinks bundles offered to its cruisers. The ‘Soft Drinks Package’ which is priced at $10 per person per day includes unlimited glass of soda water, Sunkist, Solo Lemon, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Regular, Lemonade, and ginger ale and tonic water. There’s also the ‘Refreshment Drinks Package’ which includes everything in the Soft Drinks bundle plus juice blends, mocktails, 600ml  bottles of water, and Espresso Coffee & Specialty tea. This bundle is priced at $25 per person per day. Additionally, ‘The Spring Water Package’ includes six bottles of 1.5 litre pure Australian Spring Water which will be delivered to the guest’s cabin. This is priced at $21. These three drinks bundles are available on all cruises. 

On the other hand, the line also offers adult-only drinks packages which are available on cruises seven nights and up. ‘The Premium Beverage Package’ includes everything that’s listed in the first three bundles except for Espresso Coffee & Specialty Tea plus beer and cider, wine, spirits, and cocktails of up to $16 value. In this bundle, there’s a 15 alcoholic beverages limit for a 24-hour period. Additionally, there’s no daily limit for non-alcoholic beverages. This bundle is priced at $99 per person per day. 

Meanwhile, ‘The Lot! Beverage Package includes everything that is offered in the four bundles plus energy drinks up to $19 value. Just like in the Premium Package, this bundle also has a 15 alcoholic beverages limit for a 24-hour period. Consumption of non-alcoholic beverages has no daily limit. This bundle is priced at $115 per person per day. 

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has four beverage bundles for passengers onboard to choose from. The “Plus Beverage Package” which includes  beers, cocktails, wine by the glass, coffees, fountain sodas, bottled water, fresh juices and  smoothies, new juice bar, mocktails of up to $15 per serving as well as crafted cocktails by Mixologist Rob Floyd is priced at $64.99 per guest per day. In addition, the bundle also offers a 25% off on wines by the bottle and one-litre bottles of water. 

On the other hand, the “Premier Beverage Package” includes everything listed in the Plus  bundle with a price limit of $18. The Premier bundle also includes a 25% discount on wines by the bottle, canned sodas, and one-litre bottles of water. A one-litre bottle of sparkling water is also included in the package when dining at specialty restaurants. 

Princess Cruises also offers a two-tiered “No-Alcohol Drink Packages”. The Classic Soda Package” which includes all sodas, mocktails, smoothies, and fruit juices is priced at $14.99 per guest per day. Furthermore, the “Zero-Alcohol Package” which includes premium coffees, teas, sodas, fresh juices, smoothies, hot chocolates, “zero-proof” mocktails and bottled water is priced at $29.99 per guest per day. 

Royal Caribbean Line 

Royal Caribbean Line has the three beverage bundle options. The Classic Soda Package which offers unlimited fountain pops, and  Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages is priced $12.99 per guest per day. In addition,  the second bundle option which is the Refreshment Package includes everything that’s in the Classic bundle list plus premium coffees and teas, fresh squeezed juices, bottled water, non-alcoholic cocktails, and milkshakes at Johnny Rockets. This bundle is priced at  $29 per guest per day.   

Meanwhile, the Deluxe Beverage Package which offers everything in Classic and Refreshment bundles plus cocktails, spirits, liquors and beer as well as wines by the glass is at $55 to $105 per person per day.