Cruise WiFi is as essential as life itself for people these days. It is all the more essential for cruisers spending multiple days and nights at sea. Having access to fast, reliable WiFi allows cruise passengers to share vacation photos, stay in touch with family back home, and even work remotely if needed. 

As cruise lines upgrade their internet connectivity, the days of completely unplugging on a cruise are definitely gone. Cruise Lines now are offering different bundles that contain inclusions to their Wi-Fi packages. From web surfing, email access, file sharing, and messaging, to audio and video streaming, cruise ship Wi-Fi has drastically improved both in speed and reliability.  

Guest using Wi-Fi in a cruise ship.
Guest enjoys Wi-Fi access while on cruise.

This guide provides an overview of the WiFi packages, pricing, speed, coverage and other important details for major cruise lines. 

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line offers three-tiered Wi-Fi packages. The Social WiFi Plan priced at $15.30 (22.89 AUD) per person per day includes access to popular socials. These socials are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and SnapChat. In addition, the package also allows guests to access popular airline sites. The other internet bundle is the Value Wi-Fi Plan at $19.55 (29.25 AUD) per guest per day. This expanded package offers everything the Social bundle offers plus internet surfing to various sites like e-mail, news, sports, weather, banking and finance. On the other hand, skype, music and video streams are not part of the bundle. 

Moreover, Carnival also offers its Premium Wi-Fi Plan which includes benefits from both Social and Value bundles plus access to Skype, Zoom and Teams video calling, whenever coverage or signal allows for it. Moreover, the internet speed of the Premium bundle which is priced at $21.25 (31.79 AUD) per guest per day is claimed to be 3 times faster than the other two bundles. 

These Wi-Fi packages allow guests to save up to 15% when booked prior to the cruising date. 

Celebrity Cruises

Internet at Celebrity Cruises is set into two-tiered bundles: the Basic WiFi and the Premium WiFi. The Basic bundle is priced at $20 (29.92 AUD) per device per day and includes email access, messaging, and web browsing. Meanwhile, the Premium bundle is charged $35 (52.36 AUD) per device per day and has more inclusions than the Basic one. Included in this bundle are stream and video chatting, web browsing, messaging, email access, sharing/sending and receiving file attachments. 

Guests who purchase the WiFi bundles before the cruising date can save up to 10% compared to purchasing the bundles onboard. 


Cunard Lines has two internet packages. The first one is the Essential Internet Plan which includes web browsing, social media use (images and text), and email. This bundle is priced at $15 (22.44 AUD) per day if guests purchased it for the entire sailing period. For cruisers who opt to just purchase a Wi-Fi bundle for 24-hour access, the price is at $20 (29.92 AUD). 

Meanwhile, the Premium Internet Plan includes emails, web browsing, text, images, and video messaging on different social media platforms, and video streaming. For guests who opt to purchase the internet bundle for the whole duration of the voyage, the price is at $20 (29.92 AUD) per day. For 24-hour access, the internet bundle is priced at $30.  

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line’s WiFi package has three bundles for passengers to choose from. The first is Disney’s Stay Connected Plan which costs $16 (23.93 AUD) per day when purchased for the entire sailing duration and $18 (26.93 AUD) per day when purchased for 24 hours. This bundle includes texting, posting pictures on different socials such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedln and Tumblr. In addition, this bundle does not give access to web surfing, emailing, and video streaming. 

On the other hand, the line’s second Wi-Fi bundle, Disney Cruise Basic Surf, is priced at $28 (41.89 AUD) per day for 24-hour purchase, and $24 (35.90 AUD) when purchased for the entire sailing period. Inclusions to this bundle are full web access, email access, texting, and posting of pictures on different social accounts such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedln and Tumblr. 

Meanwhile, Disney’s Cruise Premium Surf is priced at $34 (50.86 AUD) per day for a full sailing purchase and $42 (62.83 AUD) a day for 24-hour purchase. This bundle offers the benefits of both Stay Connected and Basic Surf packages plus faster connection in terms of internet speed, music and video streaming, and web surfing. 

Disney’s Wi-Fi packages do not allow access to movie streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. 

Holland America Line

Holland America Line WiFi bundle comes in two packages- Surf and Premium. The Surf bundle includes messaging without video and audio features, email access, online news apps, and web surfing. This package is priced at $29.99 (44.86 AUD) per day and is also part of the “Have It All” inclusive fare package. 

Meanwhile, the line’s Premium bundle includes everything listed in the Surf package plus video and audio streaming, and messaging apps including audio and video features. This bundle is priced at $34.99 (52.34 AUD) per day. 

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises have two WiFi packages for cruisers to enjoy while cruising. The Browse Internet Cruise Package is priced at €5.59 (9.15 AUD) per device per day including web browsing, access to email, sending and receiving images, and chatting on messaging apps. 

On the other hand, the Browse & Stream Cruise Package offers all inclusion on the Browse Internet Cruise Package plus audio and video streamings and video posting and live streaming on different social accounts or platforms. Browse & Stream Cruise Package is priced at €7.99 (13.08 AUD) per device per day.

Guests are also allowed to upgrade their internet packages through the MSC Captive Portal. 

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line’s two-tiered WiFi packages have two of the most extensive internet packages at sea. The Unlimited Wi-Fi which is priced at $29.99 (44.86 AUD) per day is good for one device only. This bundle includes Social Media apps, messaging and calling, app stores, web browsing, and email access and file sharing. 

On the other hand, the Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi priced at $39.99 (59.82 AUD) includes all the other benefits listed in Unlimited Wi-Fi package plus enhanced web browsing like Tiktok, CBC News, CTV New, Fox News, Comcast, video streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBOMax, Disney+, ESPN+, Peacock, Paramount+, YouTube, and Live Sports.

Guests may add a second device for an additional fee of $15.99 (23.92 AUD) per day for the Unlimited Wi-Fi bundle and $25.99 (38.88 AUD) per day for the Premium bundle. 

Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises’ Unlimited WiFi is already included in the guests’ fare. The line provides two free logins per stateroom good only for one device at a time. Upgrading the wifi-package by having additional logins are available for purchase onboard. 

Oceania features High-speed Starlink on Vista and Riviera and will extend to different ships come 2024. 

P&O Cruises Australia

P&O Australia has started using Starlink satellite services for a faster and more efficient Wi-Fi connection at sea. The line is offering three Wi-Fi packages to keep guests onboard connected with the outside world. The Social bundle is priced at $20 (29.92 AUD) per device per person per day. This includes access to Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, SnapChat, X (Twitter), WeChat, iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber and other banking websites.

On the other hand, the Social Plus bundle includes everything that’s included in the Social package plus access to other sites like Email Platforms, and Music Streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music. There’s also a bonus access to Australia’s leading news sites including The Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail and Herald Sun. This package is priced at $27 (40.39 AUD) per device per person per day.

Meanwhile, the line’s Premium package is priced at $30 (44.88 AUD) per device per person per day includes everything in the Social Plus package plus access to YouTube, Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Prime Video. Additionally, access to Video Conferencing services Zoom, Teams and Skype is also included. Furthermore, free access to Australia’s leading news sites including The Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail and Herald Sun is also part of bundle.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has MedallionNet which is tagged as the best internet at sea. The line’s unlimited internet comes with several packages. Guests can choose from one-device or even four-device packages with a starting price rate of $14.99 (22.42 AUD). 

Additionally, guests can avail of additional savings for purchasing the all-inclusive packages- the Princess Plus and Princess Premier Packages. Moreover, passengers may purchase unlimited internet bundles through the MedallionClass app be it pre-sailing or onboard. Furthermore, a 50% discount is given to Platinum and Elite guests. 

Royal Caribbean Line 

Royal Caribbean’s VOOM is said to be the fastest Internet at sea. The line’s Wi-Fi fee varies on the number of devices to be used. Priced at $19.99 (29.90 AUD) per day per person, RCL’s VOOM includes web browsing, messaging apps, video calls, email access, video and audio streaming, as well as social media posting. 

Moreover, guests may enjoy bigger discounts from onboard prices if they purchase VOOM ahead of the cruise. 

RCL Voom Wi-Fi
RCL’s Voom is tagged as the fastest Wi-Fi at sea.