Ponant line highlights itineraries that feature the world's most remote destinations.
An expedition cruise to one of the world’s remote destinations. Image from Ponant

Ponant is hailed as the industry’s benchmark for luxury cruising and promises nothing but a 5-star cruise experience that is both authentic and high-end.

The line focuses on immersive experiences, personalised service, and sustainable tourism which make this French cruise line a leader in exploring and experiencing the world’s most stunning and awe-inspiring destinations.

In addition, the line’s fleet is composed of small and intimate ships designed to visit and explore most of the off-the-beaten-path destinations. Consequently, this allows guests to visit places where bigger ships cannot go.

Australian travellers are fortunate to have access to the line’s array of itineraries that explore the stunning landscapes and cultures of the South Pacific and beyond.


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What types of cruises does Ponant offer?

Compagnie du Ponant specialises in luxury yacht-style cruises and expedition cruises, offering itineraries in destinations like the Mediterranean, the Arctic, Antarctica, and the Caribbean.

What is unique about Ponant’s cruising experience?

Ponant is known for its intimate small-ship luxury experience, with a focus on sophisticated elegance and French-style service.

How long are Ponant cruises typically?

Cruise lengths vary, ranging from short seven-day trips to longer expeditions that can last several weeks.

Are Ponant cruises suitable for families?

While they cater primarily to an adult clientele, children are welcome with different minimum age limits across the ship categories and a maximum number of children permitted onboard for each cruise. Select cruises offer more family-oriented activities and programs.

What types of accommodations are available on Ponant ships?

Accommodation ranges from elegantly designed cabins to luxurious suites, most with ocean views or private balconies.

What dining experiences can I expect with Ponant?

Ponant offers refined dining experiences, including gourmet cuisine inspired by French culinary traditions, complemented by a selection of fine wines.

Does Ponant offer onboard entertainment?

Entertainment includes live music, performances, and onboard lectures focusing on a destination’s culture, history, and natural environment.

What is included in the fare for a Ponant cruise?

Ponant’s all-inclusive fares include accommodation, all meals and beverages (including alcohol) and wi-fi. Excursions are also included on expedition cruises.

Does Ponant offer expedition cruises?

Yes, they offer expedition cruises to remote destinations like Antarctica and the Arctic, led by experienced guides and naturalists.

How can I book a cruise with Ponant?

Bookings can be made through Ponant’s official website, luxury travel agents, or specialised cruise booking platforms.