Gratuities have now become an inevitable part of cruisers’ experience. Over the years, nearly all major cruise lines have implemented mandatory daily service charges and are automatically billed to passengers’ onboard accounts.

Whether you’re a first-time cruiser setting sail or a seasoned traveller, cruise tipping or gratuities can prompt many questions on appropriate amounts and customary practices. By outlining the 2024 cruise gratuity policies across various cruise lines, Cruise Passenger aims to give travelers much-needed clarity on managing tips during their voyage.

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Here’s everything you need to know about cruise line gratuities:

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines IN AMERICA tipping policy states that for guests booked in standard staterooms shall be charged $16 (23.82 AUD) per person per day while those booked in Suites are charged $18 (26.80 AUD) per person per day. 

An 18% service charge is also added for beverage purchases as well as the cover charge for Chef’s Table and Bonsai Teppanyaki restaurants. The line’s tipping policy is assessed on all passengers except for kids under two years old. 

Guests can pre-pay their gratuities and it is reflected in their E-documents under Miscellaneous Charge.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises automatically applies service gratuities to each guest’s SeaPass account. The daily rate varies based on stateroom category: $18 (26.80 AUD) per person per day for Inside, Ocean View and Veranda cabins and $18.50 (27.54 AUD) per person per day for Concierge Class and AquaClass accommodations. On the other hand, $23 (34.24 AUD) per person per day is charged for those booked in The Retreat Suites. 

Additionally, an 18% gratuity is added to all spa and salon purchases. A 20% gratuity is automatically applied to specialty dining experiences, beverages both individually and through beverage packages, room service orders, and mini-bar purchases. 

Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises charges 11 euros for gratuity to the guest’s onboard account on a daily basis. This gratuity rate is applicable to passengers 15 years old and above. Guests aged four to 14 are charged half of the gratuity rate while children under four years old are free. 

On the other hand, a 15% gratuity is added to beverage purchases onboard.


Cunard Line has a straightforward tipping policy where daily gratuity rates depend solely on the guest’s stateroom category. Passengers booked in Britannia cabins are charged $14.50 (21.59 AUD) per person per day. In addition, for the more luxurious Queens Grill and Princess Grill Suites, the rate is $16.50 (24.56 AUD) per guest daily. 

Regardless of stateroom, Cunard also automatically applies a 15% gratuity to all bar tabs, wine purchases, spa services, and salon bookings. While daily charges handle much of the tipping, guests are still welcome to offer additional tips to crew members that provide exceptional service. 

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line recommends a gratuity amount of $14.50 (21.59 AUD) per person, per day for guests staying in most cabins. Also, Disney suggests a $15.50 (23.08 AUD) gratuity amount per day, per person for guests staying in Concierge Staterooms and Suites. 

In addition, an 18% gratuity is automatically added to bar, wine, deck service tabs, beverage, and spa services. 

Guests may opt to prepay gratuities through their Disney accounts under My Reservations. 

Holland America Line

Holland America Line has an “appreciation charge” system for gratuities. Non-suite guests are charged $16 (23.82 AUD) per person daily and suite guests are charged $17.50 (26.05 AUD) per person daily. 

Additionally, an 18% service charge is automatically added to specialty dining, bars, salon services, spa treatments. 

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises has different gratuity rates depending on the voyage. For Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Antilles, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Qatar, Egypt, Red Sea & Saudi Arabia sailings, guests who are 12 years old and above are charged €12 (19.56 AUD) per person per day. Passengers who are two to 11 years old are charged €6 (9.78 AUD) per person per day. Kids under two years old are exempted from paying gratuities. 

For South America cruises, passengers aged 12 and above are charged  $14.5 (21.59 AUD) per guest per day while kids aged two to 11 are charged  $7.25 (10.79 AUD). Meanwhile, for Asian sailings, a rate of $16 (23.82 AUD) per person per day is charged to all guests aged two years old and above. 

Norwegian Cruise Line 

Norwegian Cruise Line charges $20 (29.78 AUD) per passenger, per day for guests who stay at the Club Balcony and below while guests staying at The Haven and Suites are charged at $25 (37.22 AUD) per guest per day. 

In addition, a 20% gratuity is also added to bars, specialty dining, and spa bills. This cruise line’s gratuity applies to guests 3 years old or older. 

Norwegian Cruise Line has a two-tiered daily gratuity fee depending on accommodation type. Guests booked in Club Balcony and below are charged $20 (29.78 AUD) per person per day. In addition, for The Haven Suites and other premium suites, the daily rate is $25 (37.22 AUD) per guest. 

On top of the daily fees, Norwegian applies a 20% gratuity to all specialty dining, bars, and spa services. These gratuity policies apply to passengers aged 3 and above, with children under 3 exempted. 

Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises charges an $18 (26.80 AUD) per person per day gratuity rate. In addition, for guests booked in Penthouse, Oceania, Vista or Owner’s Suites where there is butler service, a gratuity of $23 (34.24 AUD) per person per day is added. 

Moreover, a 20% service charge is automatically added to beverage purchases, spa services as well as dinner at La Reserve.

P&O Australia

P&O Cruises does not require tipping or gratuities but guests are welcome to give such to the ship’s onboard service staff for their exceptional service. Guests may opt to give the tip personally or they may visit the ship’s Reception Area to have the gratuity added to their onboard account. 

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises automatically applies “Crew Appreciation” charges to guests’ accounts to handle gratuities. These daily tips vary based on stateroom type. Interior, Oceanview, and Balcony cabins incur $16 (23.82 AUD) per guest daily. On the other hand, Mini-Suites and Club Class are charged at $17 (25.31 AUD) per person, while full Suites are charged $18 (26.80 AUD) per guest per day. 

On top of the tiered daily appreciation charges, Princess Cruises also adds service charges to many optional purchases throughout the voyage. Specialty dining venues and food items incur a 17% service charge. Meanwhile, drink packages, individual beverages, brought-on wine corkage fees, private events, and the spa have an 18% non-refundable gratuity added automatically. 

Royal Caribbean Line

Royal Caribbean has an automatic service gratuity rate of $18 (26.80 AUD) per guest, per day for non-Suite staterooms. On the other hand, guests booked in Suites are individually charged $20.50 (30.52 AUD) per day. 

In addition, an 18% gratuity is automatically added to all beverages and mini bar items, and a 20% service charge on spa and salon purchases. 

The gratuity policy in Royal Caribbean applies to all individual passengers regardless of age and stateroom categories. Furthermore, gratuity charges are applied to guest’s SeaPass accounts on a daily basis.