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Norwegian Cruise Line's Big Broadway entertainment
Activities & Entertainment

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Big Broadway entertainment

Big Broadway productions, saucy dance moves and amazingly large entertainment spectacles are exactly what you’ll find onboard Norwegian Cruise Line ships. The line offers guests a range of shows which include the Tony award-winning productions, […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Mar 22 2019
Cats musical
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The best Broadway shows at sea

Fantastic entertainment on board your cruise can be just the thing that adds extra sparkle to your holiday. And cruise lines are debuting bigger and better shows. Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean regularly feature […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Mar 1 2019
Mardi Gras parade
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How to pair your cruise with a major event

Cruise lines are branching out and creating varied itineraries to suit everyone’s tastes. And some of these offerings include pairing a cruise with a major event. From Mardi Gras in New Orleans to the wicked […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Jan 24 2019
Cruise food photography
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How to master food photography on a cruise

In our last column, Warwick Williams shared his tips to help cruise passengers take the best pictures in exotic locations. This week: mastering food photography. Over the next few months, Warwick Williams will be sharing […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jul 27 2018
Pacific Dawn swimmer
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11 free things to do on a cruise ship

The modern day cruise ship is kitted out with heaps of gadgets, rides, activities and specialty dining venues – all of which comes at a cost. But as the cruise bill starts to add up, […]

WORDS BY Teresa Ooi . Nov 24 2017
Sports Event
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Sports-themed cruises are on the rise with itineraries built around major events, from the Monaco Grand Prix to the Melbourne Cup. Bernadette Chua looks at some of the best on offer. Australian Open P&O The […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Nov 14 2017
Couple on a laptop on deck
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Best Internet plans on cruise ships

While some like to get away from it all on a cruise, there are now plenty of options if you want to stay connected throughout your journey. Royal Caribbean Royal Caribbean has claimed that it […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . May 24 2017
Onboard spa treatments
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Mud on the menu – sampling some onboard spa treatments

There is more than one way to be revitalised while cruising. From the wacky to the downright tasty, Jac Taylor takes a look at some of the spa treatments available. It’s a wonderful feeling. You’re […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Apr 26 2017
Treats from the East
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Treats from the East

From the largest Japanese bath at sea to ancient Ayurveda therapies, cruise lines are borrowing from ancient Asian practices to promote relaxation on board. Cruise lines now have a plethora of spa treatments on board […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Apr 26 2017