It’s not your usual dinner music.

A remixed version of Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye plays as we eat at the Waterfront restaurant aboard Pacific Explorer, P&O’s newest addition to its Australian fleet.

But then, this isn’t your usual dinner. It’s the special Love Riot menu, which includes Scallop Tataki with scallop roe, radish and wasabi dressing, a veal and porcini pate, crab bisque with a lobster cotton ball and celery, slow cooked beef short rib with red wine reduction and pumpkin puree. Dessert is a decadent salted dark chocolate sphere.

Just in case it still hasn’t clicked that something slightly salacious is about to happen, dancers and acrobats in latex pink bondage corset dresses and Robocop suits, appear to usher us into the theatre.

The most risqué show at sea?

Welcome to Love Riot – the most modern and risqué performance on an Australian cruise liner. It’s definitely R18+.

Created by the producer of Blanc de Blanc, a circus and burlesque performance which tours around Australia, passengers can see the show for just $10  – or enjoy the Love Riot menu for an extra VIP experience.

It’s delicious and fun and even the waiters perform a routine and some magic tricks.

The show combines talented dancers, acrobats, jugglers, aerialists and gymnasts into a raunchy but enjoyable set of mix-taped songs  – all with the word love in the lyrics.

There is a bit of nudity. And who doesn’t love a bit of nudity!

While the show has been met with mixed reviews, the laughter of the audience says another thing. There’s sexual innuendos throughout the show while the dancers perform provocative moves in tight latex bodysuits with dildos and blowup dolls.

The most risqué show at sea?
The most risqué show at sea?

There are five women and two men. One of the highlights is the hilarious unicyclist as well as an amazing contortionist from Austria, who also swallows an incredibly long balloon at the end of her act.  It certainly had the men in the audience leaning forward.

The juggler will start by throwing balls in the air and soon moves onto blow up dolls – a hilarious part of the show, which had everyone laughing.

At one point, naked performers dancing on stage desperately try and cover their modesty.

It’s bright neon lights and action, with 3D glasses thrown into mix. It’s interactive and the performers get involved with the crowd.

It might not be for everyone but it’s by far the best production I’ve seen on the high seas. Raunchy, risqué and like nothing you’ve seen on a cruise ship.

Full marks, P&O, for the courage to try something new.

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