River cruising is all about the views.

But with the growing number of ships in European waterways, rafting becomes a problem.

Rafting is when a number of ships visiting the same port are forced to dock directly alongside each other. Sometimes five or more cruise ships can be seen lined up at a port.

It means cruise passengers have to walk through a number of ships before finally stepping onto the port, and replaces their view of the destination with views into other passengers’ cabins.

Cruise Passenger asked Emerald Waterways product manager Andrew Kelleher which side of the ship was best to book a cabin for the best view and minimal raft walking.

He gave these tips:

–       The right (starboard) side is closest to the bank.
–       The left (port) side faces the centre of the river, so has more open views.
–       Most ships dock on the right hand side – so the left hand side offers the best views when docked. That is unless, of course, your ship has another vessel parked beside it.

Mr Kelleher was in Amsterdam this week for the inauguration of Emerald Waterways’ new ship, Emerald Sky.

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