We’ve found some ways to be able to score a cabin upgrade on your next cruise. While these are not fool proof ways to ensure that you’re in a bigger stateroom. But there are also cheap ways to get a higher-tier cabin. Mind you, these are not fool-proof ways of getting an upgrade but these are some handy hints.

Choose the slow season

If you’ve booked a cruise which is at full capacity, there is no chance that you can get an upgrade unless the line has messed up your booking. So the best time to book is during the off-season or right before the holidays. Your chances are a lot better during these sailing periods.

Mention you’re on the cruise for a special occasion

If you tell cruise lines you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, you may get some special treatment like a cabin upgrade. If not, there are some extra perks like chocolate covered strawberries or some glasses of bubbles.

Go cruising more often

Lots of cruise lines have loyalty programs so the more you cruise, the better chance you have of getting an upgrade.

Book through a travel agent

If you’ve booked a cruise through your travel agent, check around two weeks before your sail date if there are any upgrades available. Some cruise lines work with agents to give them special deals for their clients. If you know your agent has a good relationship with a particular cruise line, they might be able to help you secure a deal.

Check deals

While you might have to pay for the cabin upgrade, there are some cruise lines which offer reduced rates on upgrades. But if you book a last minute cruise, lots of cruise lines also offer free upgrades as extra perks. So it’s worth booking your cruise at the last minute if you want some extras.

Wait till the second day of your cruise

There’s no harm in asking the concierge if there’s a possibility of an upgrade. Sometimes guests are a no show. If you offer to pay a bit extra, the staff may be obliging but be polite about it. If there is a sign saying that the ship is fully booked, then the cruise line will not be able to give you an upgrade.

Booking a more expensive cabin

You’ve got a better chance of getting a cabin upgrade if you book a more expensive cabin. Cruise lines will give priority to cruisers who have booked a higher tier cabin. So if you’ve booked an interior cabin with no window or balcony right next to the galley then chances are you won’t be receiving a knock on the door from concierge.

If you’ve got some of your handy hints, comment below.