There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ cabin onboard a cruise ship.

But there are certain areas of a cruise ship which might be slightly noisier than others. So if you’re hoping for a restful and relaxing holidays, try and book cabins away from these areas.

Cabins directly below the pool deck

During the day if you want an afternoon snooze, you may hear the pitter patter of children’s feet running up and down the pool deck. And in the morning, the staff usually will be dragging out sun chairs which can make a fair amount of noise in your cabin.

Cabins above or below clubs or theatres

Unless you’re a party animal or you’re a heavy sleeper, some cabins are situated near the night club or bars with live music. Avoid these cabins and the subwoofer can reverberate through your cabin and often, the DJ will be spinning his tunes late into the evening (or the early hours of the morning).

Cabins near kids’ clubs/arcades

Most newer ships have positioned their kids’ clubs and arcades away from the staterooms. But some cruise lines have cabins which surrounds the kids’ clubs. You’ll have kids running around your stateroom so best advised to pick a cabin away from the area.

Adjoining cabins

Perfect if you’re in a large group but if you’re not, the extra door between cabins means you can hear loud neighbours. The doors are not soundproof so when booking a cabin, make sure you don’t choose an adjoining cabin unless you’re in a family or large group.

Wrong location for limited mobility

If you’ve got limited mobility, make sure you check where the lifts are when booking your cabin. There is nothing worse if you’re not near the entry and exit points if you’re using a cane or a walker so it’s essential to see where your cabin is.

Category 1A Interior stateroom

While these cabins may be great value for money, beware, these are not the standard staterooms. Some cruise ships which have these cabins feature one upper and lower berth – essentially, a bunk bed. They also tend to be smaller as well.