Scenic’s extensive selection of all-inclusive shore excursions allow for numerous opportunities for guests to choose from a range of expert-led activities. 

Scenic’s fleet of Zodiacs, tandem kayaks and paddleboards (among other options) are an integral part of these memorable experiences. Whether it’s observing a pod of whales from the Zodiacs, kayaking through sheltered waterways or jungle walks in Central America, or paddleboarding near Antarctica icebergs, there is a world waiting to be discovered – and it is all included. 

Scenic Enrich

Enjoy unique and exclusively handcrafted encounters in the most spectacular surroundings with Scenic Enrich. Go behind the scenes to enjoy private access and immersive experiences of iconic locations, that take you to the heart of your destination, creating memories that will stay with you forever.

Scenic Freechoice

Choose from a wide range of Scenic Freechoice activities, meticulously curated to cater to your fitness level and interest. From active to relaxed pace and Zodiac excursions to discovering your surrounds on a unique stand-up paddle board experience to cooking lessons, there’s something for everyone.

Scenic Discovery: On Discovery and Expedition voyages

Discovery excursions offer rich insights and exploration of your chosen destination. Scenic’s expert Discovery Team of activity guides, marine biologists, historians, geologists and expert local guides accompany guests share their knowledge from their local experience and in-depth research of the regions.

Soar above and dive below the horizon with Scenic Eclipse’s helicopters^ and submarine^, Scenic Neptune.  Imagine flying over remote fjords, icebergs and glaciers or high over the volcanic wonders of Italy. Or witness wildlife in its natural habitat, which takes on a whole new dimension when you’re below the surface in their submarine, Scenic Neptune.