Each of Oceania Cruises‘ itineraries is an invitation to discover your next travel story and reignite your passions.

Experience faraway places that you have always dreamed of. Encounter new ways of looking at the world and travel to the far corners of the globe. Savor your experience with imaginative insider tours that immerse you in the heart of the destination’s culinary and cultural traditions.

Thousands of reasons – one passion. There are as many reasons to travel as there are travelers in this world. It’s your turn to embrace your passion for travel with Oceania Cruises.

Tokyo to Singapore | 15 Days | April 13, 2024

Exult in the ageless beauty of Asia’s ancient kingdoms, from the revered shrines and magnificent fortresses of Japan to the entrancing landscapes of Vietnam and the pulsating energy of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Barcelona to Athens | 12 Days | July 11, 2024

Follow the ancient routes of the Roman Empire, which are strewn with stylish seaside ports like Saint-Tropez and Palma de Mallorca, and relish enthralling detours into history amid the rolling hills of Tuscany and in Bozcaada, gateway to ancient Troy.

Stockholm to Amsterdam | 22 Days | September 26, 2024

Prepare for the surprising on a sojourn featuring several rare gems, including delightful Klaipeda, magical Gdansk, princely Helsingborg and picture-perfect Antwerp. Appreciate the inclusion of timeless classics such as Paris and Amsterdam.

Auckland to Sydney | 14 Days | September 8, 2024

Become a Kiwi connoisseur with seven enlightening days roaming New Zealand’s North and South Islands as well as the stunning fjords of Milford Sound. In Australia, visit bewitching Tasmania and delve into marvellous Melbourne with an overnight stay.

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