Oceania Cruises’ expert team of Destination Specialists curates imaginative destination experiences in more than 600 awe-inspiring ports around the globe, inviting guests to experience the unique essence of each as they sail the world.

In each of the ports, their shore excursions bring you original experiences designed for seasoned travellers seeking a slice of the local culture. Oceania Cruises’ shore excursions introduce you to the best of the destination. Whether you love active outdoor adventures, explorations that delve into the region’s fascinating history or experiences that offer a taste of the local cuisine,

Oceania Cruises’ simply MORE Shore Excursion package is available on voyages with at least seven port days. Additionally, it provides flexibility to custom-design a collection of excursions by selecting the exact number of excursions desired. Choose from a wide variety of excursions and save 25% off a la carte prices when a minimum shore excursions is reserved. This is based on the number of port days on your voyage.

There are 10 different types of shore excursions that guests can choose from depending on their interests. These categories are outlined below.

Beyond Blueprints

Designed to enhance your appreciation for architecture, Beyond Blueprints tours provide a rare and behind-the-scenes look at some of the world’s most iconic and fascinating architectural landmarks. Join an architectural historian and learn more about Oslo’s cutting-edge architecture or Barcelona’s famous Sagrada Familia.

Culinary Discovery Tours

Widely recognised for its ground breaking culinary enrichment both aboard its ships and ashore, Oceania Cruises connects you with the culinary culture wherever you travel. Join a chef-led market tour where you can buy ingredients at local markets to later use in a hands-on cooking class back on board.

Executive Collection

Allows guests to have the personalised attention of a driver. There’s also an English-speaking guide to provide them with flexibility and independence to design their itinerary ashore according to their interests.

Evening Excursions

Meanwhile, more late evening departures and overnight stays in ports around the world mean ample opportunities for evening excursions. Additionally, these excursions are perfect for those cities that really come to life at night.

Food & Wine Tours

Each Food & Wine Trails tour is led or organised by a local culinary expert. Sommeliers, chefs and wine writers provide you with unique insights and a behind-the-scenes experience. Furthermore, visit picturesque vineyards in the Cinque Terre region and take part in a classic wine-tasting.

Go Green Tours

On the other hand, Go Green tours offer enriching opportunities to experience the ways in which local communities and businesses are endeavouring to conserve, sustain and elevate their surrounding environments.  

Go Local Tours

Oceania Cruises’ ground breaking new Go Local excursions are immersive destination tours that invite you to embed yourself in the fabric of the local communities for engaging, one-of-a-kind experiences. Experience country life in a village near Kusadasi, Turkey mingling with the residents, or experience the joys of playing the bagpipes and drinking whiskey with the Scottish locals in Edinburgh.  

Oceania Exclusive Excursions

Designed for travellers who prefer an added measure of privacy, intimacy and flexibility, our Oceania Exclusive excursions limit group size to just 16 guests maximum.

Oceania Select Excursions

While all our shore excursions offer extraordinary experiences, some are so outstanding and awe-inspiring that they merit special recognition. Go whale watching off the coast of Alaska or drive off-road to visit several colonies of penguins in the Falkland Islands.

Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar

Their exclusive collection of wellness and healthy living tours invites you to nourish your mind, body and spirit in hand-picked locales across Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and beyond.

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