Ranging from 7 to 154 nights, Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers a selection of immersive itineraries visiting over 500 destinations worldwide. Featured destinations:

Mediterranean and Northern Europe

The Mediterranean on one of Regent Seven Seas’ itineraries is truly one of the world’s greatest destinations. This is where humanity has long expanded its imagination and artistry, energised by this intersection of cultures and continents to produce a world of wonders. Moreover, Northern Europe is a destination of stark natural beauty, historic artistry and local charm.

Close to Home – Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Asia is home to many of the great ancient cultures and civilisations of the world, whose artistry and technological advancements throughout the centuries have created a heritage of immeasurable cultural treasures. In addition, Australia and New Zealand are famous for the ruggedness of their wilderness, the uniqueness of their native plant and the friendly hospitality of their people.


The untamed tundra rugged shores and glacier-laden mountain ranges of the Alaskan coast create awe-inspiring opportunities for even the most experienced travellers. Moreover, get close to whales and sea otters en route to the ravaged volcanic coastline of Kruzof Island. This is here where a maze of cliffs and sea caves awaits exploration.

Africa & Arabia

This region of our world evokes a unique sense of reverence and fascination, from the cradle of civilisation to the Cape of Good Hope. Also, ancient port cities, desert oases, diverse wildlife and legendary hospitality have long drawn voyages to the interconnected regions of Africa and Arabia.

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