Indulge in a world of culinary mastery on an APT river cruise where your tastebuds will be tantalised by an array of dining experiences including superb restaurants and a broad range of delightful onboard dining options throughout your river cruise.

Celebrate cuisine for which Europe is renowned. You’ll never go hungry – APT makes sure of that. Savour world-class dining, and partake in cooking classes and wine tastings. Additionally, elevate your palate with timeless European dishes served for every meal. On the other hand, talented onboard chefs bring the flavours of the world to life in a delectable array of international and local cuisines. Presenting everything from buffets and bistro delights to five-course feasts.  Furthermore, all meals, along with an extensive selection of beverages, are included.

Onboard APT dining

While on board your ship, you don’t have to venture far for the finest flavours. On the Concerto River Ships, the Verde Fine Dining Restaurant delivers the quintessential European dining experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For a more casual experience, the River Bistro serves more relaxed fare. When the weather warms up, ascend to the Sun Deck where you can savour a BBQ lunch accompanied with picturesque views from the ship. In addition, private dining is also available in the Wine Room. In many suites, you can sleep in and wake up to a continental breakfast or enjoy some quiet time with a cooked-to-order dinner in your suite.

On-shore dining experiences

When your ship docks at spectacular locations, indulge in Haute cuisine served within Michelin-starred restaurants. The exquisite meals will enrichen your experience of the surrounding region, marrying luscious flavours with luxurious ambience. Also, visits to family-owned estates and delights sourced from fresh-food markets give you a deeper immersion into local life with the opportunity to taste produce from the region first-hand.

Hear about stories from the past and how traditional recipes have been passed down through generations. Taste golden drops of olive oil from a family-owned olive mill, sample wine in a historic vineyard and feast on sumptuous antipasti in sun-kissed Tuscany. Meanwhile, traditional cooking classes uncover the complexity of sensational regional dishes, comprised of local fare.

Aboard your APT river cruise, enjoy access to a broad array of complimentary beverages to quench your thirst. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are available on board and are included at any time. These include beer, unique regional wines, spirits, juices and soft drinks in addition to a range of cocktails. As well as cold beverages, enjoy a selection of European teas and coffee in the lounge or dining room throughout your river cruise.

Chef’s Table

Captivate your senses with a Chef’s table experience and tasting menu on the Concerto River Ships. Observe the open kitchen and watch as chefs prepare culinary art with a European flavour. Meanwhile, the intimate dining space elevates the gastronomical experience and showcases the chef’s craftwork at its finest, giving you a glimpse into the exceptional world of the finest European cuisine.

The Douro River

The MS Estrela traverses the waters of the Douro River giving an insight into Portugal and Spain’s alluring culture. Relax with a fresh drink in hand in the outdoor bar and enjoy buffet breakfasts to a la carte lunches and dinners reflecting the spirit of the surrounding Iberian Peninsula. Ashore, visit local family-run quintas and delight in Spanish tapas in Granada. 

Eating and drinking your way through Europe is an easy feat with the abundance of dishes within each region. With both an on board and on shore culinary adventure on your river cruise, you’ll be able to delve deep into the historic tastes telling a story of the land from which these ingredients grew. 

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