On APT Europe river cruises, onboard entertainment is designed to fit with your journey, bringing to life the colour and culture of a region, and allowing you to better understand the essence of a place and its people.

No matter whether you’re cruising through five countries between Amsterdam and Budapest on APT’s ever-popular Magnificent Europe luxury river cruise, gliding along the majestic Douro River in Portugal, heading deep into the Balkans on the Danube, slipping through beautiful French countryside such as the Burgundy wine region along the Rhone and Saone rivers, meandering along the serene Seine River from Le Havre to Paris or exploring the Netherlands and Belgium, you’ll be treated to entertainment that enhances your experience.

For example, APT cruises aboard the MS Estrela along the tranquil waters of the Douro River in Portugal offer an enthralling range of onboard entertainment. Guests enjoy a fascinating Portuguese folk music show one night and a riveting history lesson on another.

A man singing on an APT ship
A man singing on an APT ship

Life on board an APT river cruise is packed with entertainment. You’ll quickly find there’s never a dull moment. Additionally, the evenings are a chance to come together and celebrate. First with a delicious meal featuring the finest regional flavours cooked to perfection. Then, you get to relax into the evening and join in the fun. Each evening sees the ship come alive with celebration. APT Entertainment starts from captivating presentations and culinary demonstrations to lively trivia quizzes and dancing.

Meanwhile, hosts ensure a vibrant atmosphere, and local artists, from Hungarian Gypsy violinists to Bavarian bands, add cultural richness to the cruise experience. All ships feature a large, comfortably furnished main lounge. This serves as a gathering place for port talks, lectures and entertainment.

APT Europe luxury river cruise offers evenings that overflow with wine, song, dance and celebration. It serves as just another memorable highlight of your magical APT luxury travel experience.

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