First there was the photo tour then the video footage and now there’s the 360-degree virtual tour of a cruise ship.

The future is here. Cruise lines are using new technology to provide people with the most interactive tour of their ships, without actually boarding.

Virtual guests use their computer mouse to manouver their way across a ship. For example: if the user’s hand moves left then the virtual tour will also pan left to showcase that side of the room. If the user double clicks on a section the screen will zoom in for a closer look.

We found some of the best 360-degree virtual tours for you to enjoy:

Evergreen Tours

Evergreen Tours has launched a 360-degree virtual tour of its second ‘Star Ship, Emerald Star, which was launched last week.

The tour was compiled by German company called Moving Pictures and was done by taking a series of photos, which were then stitched together to flow seamlessly.

Some of the photos were taken by a tripod camera and others by an airborne drone.

The tour starts from the outside of the ship, to give cruisers a full view of the vessel parked in Europe.

From there virtual guests can choose, which sections of the ship they would like to explore.

Areas onboard include the ship’s 24-square-metre pool, pretend to dine in the Reflections and Terrace restaurants or image a massage in the therapy room and fitness area.

There’s also a close look at the ship’s suites and staterooms as well as the cinema and Horizon Bar & Lounge.

Click here to take the interactive tour.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises has uploaded 360-degree virtual tours of its Fantasia-class, Musica-class and Lirica-class vessels.

Similar, to Evergreen’s tour, the screen moves up, down, right and left with the computer mouse.

However, the MSC tours don’t start from outside the ship. From the moment you press start guests are transported inside the vessel.

During the Musica-class tour virtual passengers can pretend to have a glass of whisky in the Cigar Room, or watch a game in the Sports Bar before imagine watching a show in the Theatre and relaxing in the spa.

Click here for take the virtual tour.

Norwegian Cruise Line

To commemorate the launch of the line’s Breakaway-class vessels, Norwegian Cruise Lines unveiled a 360-degree virtual tour of Norwegian Breakaway.

Virtual passengers can picture themselves dining on traditional Japanese food at the Wasabi restaurant or imagine themselves all rugged up and sipping a cocktail in the SVEDKA Ice Bar.

It’s also a chance to get a close look at live music venue, Fat Cats or see what the ship has on offer for youngeons in the Entourage Teens Club.

Click here for the virtual tour.


The line has virtual tours on all its ships, which begin from the outside with an aerial view of the vessel moored at a port.

Website users jump from room to room via a dropdown menu.

Once inside a section of the ship, users can either watch as the tour circles the room automatically or manually move around via the computer mouse.

Click here to take the tour.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean’s 360-degree virtual tours are a little less sophisticated than some of the newer tours, but they still manage to get the job done.

The line has tours on all their ships, but perhaps the more entertaining is the Oasis-class vessels.

During the tour virtual passengers can get a close look at the ship’s sports pool and main pool or enjoy the view of the ocean from the Solarium.

Parents can explore kids facilities in the Aquanauts, Explorers and Voyagers rooms and workout their virtual muscles on the rock-climbing wall.

Click here to take a Royal Caribbean virtual tour.