Cruise withdrawal, it is a state of low mood and aversion to returning to everyday chores including work and household duties.

It is often seen amongst people who have recently completed a cruise or haven’t experienced the sea life for a lengthy period a time.

In order to properly diagnose the disorder, we asked our readers to share symptoms they experienced the last time they were in a state of cruise withdrawal.

The study was conducted on Facebook where readers were asked to complete the sentence ‘I know I’m back from a cruise because…”

Here’s what we found:

Cleaning, cooking dinner and constant calls from offspring was the biggest indicator that people were having cruise withdrawals, with 35.8 percent of respondents experiencing the symptom.

One Facebook user said she knew her cruise was over when she noticed “strange numbers on the menu” and one said: “When I leave the towel on the shower floor it’s still there when I get back”.

One respondent said even the simplest of household duties, such as turning on a tap was a clear indicator he was no longer on a ship: “I stand with my hands under the tap waiting for the water to start automatically as it does in the ship’s bathroom… and I wait… and I wait… and then I have to turn the wretched tap on myself.”

“When I leave the towel on the shower floor it’s still there when I get back”.

Meanwhile, 17.9 percent of participants said they knew their cruise was over because they had sea legs and 7.6 percent said it hit them when they had to return to work.

Although cruise withdrawal is often associated with the undesirable emotions of returning to everyday life, 17.9 percent of those questioned were optimistic about their return, claiming it gave them an opportunity to research and book another cruise.

“I have to make my own bed, go shopping, cook and clean. Oh well there is always another one on the horizon.”

“I am looking towards the next one!”

After reviewing results, we came up with a list of at-home treatments to help you treat cruise withdrawals.

Housework: Unpack and do the laundry as soon as you get home. This will help bring your body back to reality quickly and it will also save you from doing it after your full day back at work or on your weekend.

Dinner: Go to your favourite take out restaurant as soon as possible. After weeks of fine dining your taste buds will need to remember the taste of average and below average food.

Sea legs: Sit at your computer, open a web browser and type in and start planning your next cruise.

How do you know you’re back from a cruise and what are your recommendations for conquering cruise withdrawal?

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Full findings:

Housework: 35.8%
Sea legs: 17.9%
Book another one: 17.9%
Return to work: 7.6%
Weight gain: 5%
Depressed: 2.5%
Relaxed: 2.5%
Have bills to pay: 2.5%