SeaDream I docked in Tunisia at 1.00pm, leaving us with a morning sailing on calm seas. I found lots of passengers were visiting the library to use one of the two computers or to read a book in one of the many big comfy armchairs.

We booked in to the Yachting Land Adventure in Tunisia, along with about 60 other passengers. The description seemed to cover a lot of ground in six hours – much more than we could do ourselves.

On an air-conditioned coach, we visited the Bardo Museum housing one of the largest collections of Roman Mosaics, and the old city Medina, where we visited a perfumery and traditional carpet shop. All guests were amazed to find Chanel No. 5, Hugo Boss and various other designer scents in unmarked dusty bottles!

Unfortunately, we only glanced at Carthage from the entrance to the ancient ruins – a disappointment because it was described as being a major part of the tour – and we moved on to a harem house at Sidi Bou Said.

A beautiful position at the top of the hill, the museum has all rooms set out as they were when this really was a harem house, with mannequins in traditional dress.

By this stage, though, passengers were tired and wanted to walk the 18 steps to paradise (or from the dock to SeaDream to be precise) and we sped back to the ship to be greeted with a “Welcome back”, a cool hand towel and a glass of Champagne.

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