What do swashbuckling knights and SeaDream I have in common?

The nightly Cocktail Party was held outdoors on the Pool Deck last night as we sailed into Malta, and passengers were leaning over all railings taking photos and admiring the walled city of Valletta, which was lit up like a Christmas tree.

Our yacht looked even better, in my opinion. As passengers gathered in groups on the deck, sipping cocktails around the illuminated pool, and bartenders wandering around carrying bottles of Champagne, we could have been anywhere!

SeaDreaming life is getting ever more relaxed and we spent the morning on board instead of rushing around the city. Laying in the deck chairs out on the Pool Deck watching the city while being served iced drinks is too good, although the ‘Mediterranean Cooking’ Yachting Land Adventure to a local woman’s house sounded inviting.

Later on we ventured up to the old city of Valletta, a 10-minute cab ride away from the dock. Might I add, the disembarkation process is so easy – you simply walk off the ship with a swipe of a card – no lines, no waiting.

A highlight of the city would have to be the Palace Armoury, full of medieval weaponry collections from the Knights of St John, who occupied the country in the 1500s, defending Europe against the Ottoman Turks.

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