How many SeaDreamers does it take to make a dessert out of swan-shaped pastry?

Four, plus Pastry Chef Garfield, who was the instructor at this morning’s cooking demonstration in the Main Salon – some light entertainment to start our first full day at sea.

First, Garfield showed us how to make an extravagant-looking, yet hilariously impractical, dessert depicting two swans sitting on a perch. Sound difficult?

Next, he selected four people from the crowd to use the same ingredients to make their own swan desserts under instruction. The crowd was in stitches from Garfield’s jokes and also the worrying culinary skills of the passengers!

I actually thought they did pretty well considering the ship was swaying heavily in the rough seas! Apparently, so did Garfield and each participant was given a bottle of Montaudon Champagne for trying. An unexpected yet wonderful prize!

The sea is rough today and Captain Raymond Heggernes announced at pre-dinner cocktails that we won’t call at Ibiza and Motril in Spain due to predicted bad weather, but sail straight from Mallorca to Malaga.

Unfortunate, but at least we have the benefit of flexible, small-ship cruising. Besides, this means we get another day at sea with SeaDream!

Do you think you could make this dessert at home?

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