Experience some of Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ favourite shore excursions as you traverse the world to engage each destination in its most glorious state.

Included and Unlimted Shore Excursions

In the Obi Castle Town near Miyazaki, Japan, the storied grounds and scenic atmosphere will transport you back to the Edo Period for a taste of medieval Japan. In St. Kitts, you’ll find the warm waters of Cockleshell Bay to be as crystal-clear as the ice in your glass. Every bit is refreshing. And in Monaco, Èze and Nice, French enchantments float throughout their streets like a fine perfume. It’s captivating visitors on a tour filled with local charm, boutique shops, breathtaking scenery and more.

Meanwhile, every destination you sail to will harbour treasured experiences waiting to be unearthed. And there’s no better way to dig in than by taking advantage of Regent’s hallmark inclusion of thousands of wonderful, Unlimited Shore Excursions. Moreover, these excursions are curated to provide you with an array of ways to engage your interests and indulge your passions. From adventurous encounters with nature to quiet explorations of world-famous museums. Furthermore, with access to over 350 UNESCO World Heritage sites, you’ll have unique opportunities to experience world history in profound and tangible ways.

Regent Choice Shore Excursions

Soak in the pristine coastline of Mahé in Seychelles from the comfort of a spacious catamaran. Get in touch with the breathtaking scenery that has made this locale legendary. Additionally, feel the vibrancy of Buenos Aires as you savour traditional cuisine and regional wines. Then, witness the passion of the tango at a local milonga and allow the rhythm to take control. Or, discover why there is no better way to absorb the stunning majesty of Iceland than by soaring above its wondrous glaciers, volcanoes, geysers and vast

array of natural marvels. For a supplementary charge, Regent Choice Shore Excursions deliver another level of engagement, with unique itineraries and smaller group formats, providing opportunities that go beyond the marvellous experiences of Regent’s INCLUDED & Unlimited Shore Excursions.

Epicurean Excursions

The flavours of a particular region or a specific culture create unique connections that are unlike any other. Therefore, we continue to develop and curate special culinary experiences in each of the incredible regions to which we sail. Unique to our Culinary Arts Kitchen Experiences, our specially curated, Master Chef-led Epicurean Explorer Tours invite you to learn something new as you immerse your palate in the cultural flavours of your destination. Dozens of wine-centric excursions await with our Wine & Spirits Tours. Get the inside scoop on where the pros go to indulge their taste buds with our Where the Chefs Eat Tours. These and many more opportunities to taste and savour your destination are available with our Epicurean Explorations.

Go Local Tours

One of the best ways to find off-the-beaten-path experiences is to think like a local, and Go Local Tours provide connections with local culture through community members themselves. Witness how the locals of Stockholm breathe new life and beauty into the city they call home, from wonderfully enhanced and decorated public transport to the bohemian vibes of Södermalm. In Alaska, walk the streets of Sitka guided by a knowledgeable local sharing historic tales and insights into the city’s affection for the arts. Experience a new world of hospitality and discover the best of what you didn’t know about your favourite destinations with Go Local Tours.

Pre- & Post-Cruise Land Programs

Enhance your experience with a shoreside journey exploring the cultural beauty, local flavours and captivating history of your destination by staying longer before or after your cruise. Extend your travel and make your holiday all the more memorable with our Pre- & Post-Cruise Land Programmes — many of which are included with your voyage.

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