Each itinerary has been thoughtfully created by the line to offer you the best experience in terms of Ponant shore excursions. You can discover the hidden gems of the regions you visit in line with your interests.

Excursions and land itineraries unfold a tapestry of hidden treasures. A journey with Ponant reveals the world’s gems along the paths traversed by explorers. Be it from secluded creeks to ancient cities and UNESCO world heritage sites.

PONANT provides a diverse array of land excursions for all cruises, excluding expeditions. The line aligns with the guiding principle of “Accessing the world’s treasures by sea.”

Excursions range from a few hours to multiple days. They’re meticulously selected by PONANT experts for their cultural significance and historical allure.

In addition, the company manages every aspect of your sojourn when it comes to extended land explorations requiring overnight stays. Moreover, the line ensures a seamless experience from beginning to end, until you reunite with your ship.

Meanwhile, lengthier excursions allow you to immerse yourself in the must-visit sites of the region. These include Cuzco in Peru and the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Furthermore, access to these excursions is facilitated through pre-booking, available two months prior to your departure date. From Oct 1 2024, all PONANT voyages will be inclusive of shore excursions.

On luxury expedition voyages, PONANT expedition leaders and naturalist guides emerge as passionate and knowledgeable authorities. Additionally, they are adept at unlocking doors to the pristine areas visited in their respective destinations.

On the other hand, excursions on Zodiac® inflatable boats allow the team of expedition leaders impart knowledge about the distinctive flora and fauna of the region. Similarly, polar expedition voyages offer unique activities. These include kayaking through the ice water and dog sledding. In addition, activities like hiking and snow shoeing, polar plunge and so much more are also included.

Both before and after your cruise, an array of programs and stays await. These offerings, which can be tailored to your preferences, are available on request. Whether it’s the allure of Paris, or the majesty of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or the mystique of the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Numerous captivating sites entice you to extend your stay. PONANT’s dedicated teams handle all logistics, extending your voyage seamlessly and relieving you of organizational burdens, even after your cruise concludes.