Max Ainsworth has been an avid cruiser for years and like many, has grown increasingly discontent the longer Australia’s cruise ban has dragged on.

With 2021 soon drawing to a close and the cruise industry still yet to receive confirmation of when cruise ships will be back in Australian waters, Mr Ainsworth and his wife decided to take matters into their own hands.

“We have decided that we cannot wait for Australia to allow cruising. So we are flying to Singapore and cruising on the World Dream,” he told Cruise Passenger.

And he is not alone.

Ever since Cruise Passenger broke the news that Singapore’s government was now allowing Australians to join its citizens on the two cruise lines sailing from the city, a steady stream of inquiries has been received by Dream Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

A Dream Cruises spokesperson said: “We have had many enquiries since we released our Black Friday sale – it has sparked a lot of interest from both the consumer & trade markets.”


Dream Cruises offering the 'rockstar treatment'

Mr Ainsworth says he was influenced by Dream Cruises only selling balcony and suites so the ship will be only be 50% full. Dream Cruises multiple safety protocols also convinced Mr Ainsworth it’s a safe trip.

“The company has in place a COVID protocol, which in our opinion is keeping passenger extremely safe and safety is their top priority.”

Mr Ainsworth also said that he was worried that when cruising does recommence in Australia that prices will rise.  He cited one contemporary cruise line he believed had already increased to $420 per night, when his five days on World Dream was costing $396.

He said he was happy with the deal he’d scored himself with Dream Cruises.

“We have a deluxe balcony cabin with a large verandah. The total cost is $1980 per cabin and we got low cost airfares as well as five star accomodation for four days in Singapore.

“We spent $4500 all up which is $2250 per person.”

Mr Ainsworth has sailed with Dream Cruises a few times before and can’t wait to get back on board.

“We have cruised with Dream cruises three times when the Explorer Dream came to Australia and found the entertainment outstanding, it was like being in Vegas.”

“Mind you, the ships are not for party animals as they call themselves, but for people who love to cruise without hassles.”

Such is the excitement of Mr Ainsworth’s voyage that Dream Cruises themselves remember him and can’t wait to have him back on board.

A Dream Cruises spokesperson said: “We are well aware of the Ainsworth’s and their recent bookings. They are huge supporters of ours and loved Explorer Dream when she was here for her inaugural season.”