SeaDream I


Outdated policies limiting Aussie cruisers’ choices

The Federal Government’s outdated definition of a cruise ship is limiting our choices when it comes to cruises and destinations, according to an industry expert. The government currently defines a cruise ship as a vessel […]

WORDS BY Peter Lynch . Sep 25 2013

SeaDream I sails Dover to Lisbon

SeaDream I has introduced a new sailing for 2014, the 11-days Dover to Portugal Lisbon. Departing Dover, England on 30 August next year, the ship will visit Jersey in the Channel Islands, France’s St Malo, […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Sep 23 2013

Seadream I – Blog 2: Atlantic Crossing

After a long flight from Sydney, we spent three days relaxing in Madrid.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Nov 17 2011

Seadream I – Blog 1: Atlantic Crossing

I have returned from a long journey to many far off places

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Nov 15 2011

Do cruisers look at sanitation ratings of cruise ships?

It’s been an interesting week one way and another, and before you start wondering this blog isn’t about marriage. What caught my eye, in fact, was the news that the Queen Mary 2 failed a sanitation test a few days ago.....

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jun 28 2011

Is it drydock season for cruise ships?

Maybe it’s something in the air, or perhaps the water. Or maybe it’s just that time of year.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . May 27 2011

SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yacht Club is the ultimate in all-inclusive luxury boutique cruising, or yachting, as they like to put it. It’s two ships, SeaDream I and SeaDream II, were voted the world’s best boutique ships this year by The Berlitz Guide Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships, and it’s no wonder.

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Dec 14 2010

SeaDream I: Day 13, leaving today!

How do you get 112 SeaDreamers off the ship with as little fuss as possible?

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Oct 16 2010

SeaDream I: Day 12, Malaga, Spain

Our last full day on board our beloved SeaDream I – what to do???

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Oct 16 2010

SeaDream I: Day 11, at sea!

Our SeaDreaming outside last night only lasted half an hour, although it was fun – dressed in our SeaDream pyjamas, personalised with our names, SeaDream bathrobes, slippers and the day bed made up with sheets and doonas! Until it started raining on us!

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Oct 13 2010

SeaDream I: Day 9, on bumpy seas!

How many SeaDreamers does it take to make a dessert out of swan-shaped pastry?

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Oct 11 2010