How do you get 112 SeaDreamers off the ship with as little fuss as possible?

I’m not sure how they manage it, but it’s as though we really are on our own private yacht, with the exception of having to have our main luggage packed and ready to go outside our staterooms by 1.00am. Even that was easy because most people packed after dinner then left the bags outside and went for one last goodbye drink with friends.

When we went to the Concierge to confirm our final bill (massages, Land Adventures, laundry and casino credit) there was no line, just us. Maxi even told us she could take our casino winnings straight off our bill and the remainder would automatically be charged to my credit card. Too easy.

All passengers had to be off SeaDream I by 10.00am but up at breakfast it’s the same relaxed pace from both staff and guests.

What an amazing experience! There is definitely something in the SeaDream motto “Yachting not Cruising” and I can see why so many SeaDream passengers are repeat clients. Some time in the future I’ve vowed to come back… All I can think of is what I wouldn’t give to be one of the passengers embarking today for the 12-night Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean!

Highly recommend you find out more about SeaDream Yacht Club, click here.

One more thing. While we were on board, SeaDream had employed an official photographer, Joe Simon from Texas in America. Soon the SeaDream Yacht Club website will be updated with videos and new photos so have another look soon!