It’s a very modern pandemic dilemma. What do you do when you suspect that cruiser at the table next to you may be breaking Covid quarantine?

A Cruise Passenger reader approached us recently with what we suspect is an increasingly common question. She overhead a passenger’s phone call talking about how his partner had contracted Covid and was confined her cabin. He tested negative.

Next day, the man and his partner were spotted at breakfast – and a table next to our reader and her friends.

She quickly made an excuse and persuaded her friends to move. But, she asked us, did she make the right move?

She stayed silent why they moved and didn’t say another word. Even when the couple again turned up on an island tour.

Should she have:

  • Told her friends about what she knew?
  • Reported the couple to the ship’s crew in case they were breaking quarantine?
  • Said nothing, as we’re all getting used to living with Covid?

Our readers had differing views about how to handle the situation.

Linda said: “You don’t know if she was tested negative that morning. We don’t isolate at home.. I live in a small rural town and some people believe covid is rife. It’s no different on a cruise ship. I do know it’s the bogy man in the room.”

Ann Moir wrote: “As someone who caught Covid on a cruise recently this makes me mad. Quickly spoilt my cruise for sure.”

Judy Z told us: “Sat next to some “new friends” at breakfast on recent cruise! The lady says” I feel so unwell. I have a sore throat…

“Ohhhh Nooo I thought. Suddenly my hubby and I sighted friends on the other side of the main dining room and just had to go join THEM…

Nikki said: “Interesting as  a lot of people still go on cruises when they are testing positive on embarkation day as there is no “policing” of the tests as such. It is just like pre covid days when you had to do health declarations for things like gastro.

For Sharon, it was simple: “Definitely report as they can quickly spoil other cruisers holidays.”

And Scott agreed: “Dob them in immediately.”

Judy told us: “We shared a 8 seat table in MDR . We were informed other 6 had virus going around and we would be sure to get it as well.

“Pondered this for a minute – then got up and walked away. Waiter intersected me I explained. He found me a new seat and then went and got husband. We managed to avoid the virus going around. So glad I moved.”

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