Silversea has kicked off the world cruise season 2023 with the first global navigation to leave from Sydney Harbour.

It’s the first time a ship has sailed on a world cruise from the Emerald City,  and the Silver Shadow will visit 66 destinations, 34 countries and five continents over its epic 139-day voyage. Guests will be treated to all sorts of sights and destinations from Papua New Guinea to South Africa to the Amazon River and more.

Cunard’s Centenary World Voyage left Southampton on a 102-night sailing in pursuit of a range of exotic and familiar destinations. Guests will get to experience Australia, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, Dubai, Singapore and so much more.

Holland America left early in January out of Florida for 128-nights. This cruise will visit 61 different ports across Africa, Europe, Australia, Central America, the Pacific and more. Guests will also be counting down towards overnight calls in destinations like Panama, Tahiti and Cape Town.

Also sailing out of Florida, Princess Cruises worldwide extravaganza will sail for 111-nights across 50 destinations in 31 countries. The 2200-capacity ship will visit 21 UNESCO World Heritage sites across Asia, Latin America, Australasia, the Caribbean, Europe and more on its 34,500 nautical mile journey.

Silver Shadow departing Sydney on her world cruise

Silversea told Cruise Passenger that 11.5% of those onboard are from Australia and New Zealand, with the majority of other guests spanning across the USA, UK and Europe.

Silversea’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Adam Radwanski says the cruise starting out of Sydney is a significant moment for the cruise line.

“It feels very meaningful to the Australia team, given how long cruise restrictions were in place in comparison to the rest of the world. Sydney is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and a bucket list destination for many. The feeling of sailing by the Harbour Bridge and Opera House is one of the most iconic cruise experiences you can have.”

Mr Radwanski says the success in bookings of this and other longer cruises are part of a broader trend of guests seeking out longer and richer cruising experiences.

“We have seen a lengthening in cruise bookings. Silversea travellers want to deepen their travel experience and see as much as possible. Travellers aren’t procrastinating or delaying their travel plans after the experience of 2020 and 2021. We have seen an increase in guests booking extended cruising itineraries, like Combination Cruises and Grand Voyages too.”

The wild awaits.

If you’ve never taken a world cruise before, one thing to be aware of is you might just get hooked. Mr Radwanski says 80% of guests onboard are repeat customers, with some of those on the world cruise even having racked up more than 2000 days on Silversea cruises.

Mr Radwanski shared some words of encouragement if you are considering stepping into the world cruise arena.

“Silversea themes World Cruises so that each voyage offers something different. The Far East West World Cruise in 2024 is all about the extremes while the Controtempo World Cruise 2025 explores the world from Tokyo to New York off-season and off the beaten path.

“World Cruises go to destinations that you just wouldn’t travel to unless you were travelling for close to six months.

“The experiences are unparalleled, there is a specific event team which plans never before seen and never to be repeated experiences such as dining in remote limestone caves by candlelight with local singing performances.”

Silver Shadow leaving Sydney on World cruise