A couple has been filmed yelling out and pleading to the captain of MSC Splendida after missing their cruise ship departure.

The couple were on a nine-day cruise on MSC Splendida and were late getting back to the ship in the port town of Bari in Italy. The pair of them were yelling “Captain, wait for us please. You can do it if you want to.” However, their efforts were in vain and the cruise ship left without them. 

Watch the TikTok video here.

A woman who was on the cruise told Mail Online she thought the efforts to help the couple were lacklustre.

“’I was on that cruise with my family when it happened. We were at lunch when they made only one announcement for two Italian-sounding names and then nothing further.

“The cruise didn’t leave even a minute over time. We felt there was little to no effort to find those people whether they were there or not.”

However, Ugo Patroni Griffi, president of the Port System Authority of the Southern Adriatic Sea told La Repubblica he had a different opinion.

“They tried to ask the ship to turn back, or at least to stop operations,” he said. 

“Obviously it is impossible for cruise ships that have limited times and are also very expensive operations.”

Reportedly the couple had spent around $16,000 for the cruise, adding to their desperation to get onboard. 

The cruise was set to visit destinations like Mykonos, Istanbul and Corfu.

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