Scenic’s two luxury yachts have come face-to-face while sailing in Western Greenland. Scenic Eclipse I and Scenic Eclipse II marked their first ever meeting in the Qeqertarsuaq Channel.

Scenic Eclipse I was finishing a Northwest Passage itinerary and Scenic Eclipse II had just completed an Iceland to Greenland Voyage, and was beginning another Greenland expedition.

The occasion was of course marked with festivities. Live music rung out and champagne was poured to celebration the occasion.

Scenic Eclipse II Senior Captain Erwan Le Rouzic said: “Meeting in such a remote and spectacular channel, north of the Arctic Circle, is amazing.

“We were pleased to introduce Scenic Eclipse II to guests on board Scenic Eclipse in such a special way. All the guests were invited to celebrate with Champagne and live music on the Observation Deck. It was a very emotional and fun shared moment.”

Le Rouzic said it was also a momentous occasion for both the two luxury yachts crews.

“It’s a very special moment for the crews to meet with their sister ship. There are many friends and close colleagues stationed on each discovery yacht. In the polar regions, there is a particularly strong feeling of community and friendship due to the remoteness of these places.”

The two yachts are expected to encounter each other once again during the 2023/2024 Antarctica season.

Scenic Eclipse II is heading to Australia next year.

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