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Couple who missed their ship

The couple caught on camera missing their Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the Bahamas were newly weds, Maria Gonzalez Roesch and her husband Allessandro Di Palma.

The couple on their honeymoon turned up late at the dock to watch helplessly as their cruise ship departed Nassau.

The 26-year-old Maria, a Costa Rican actress, claimed on Instagram that the ship was supposed to leave at 5.30 pm but that day had departed “early.”

It has emerged that the honeymooners were given a new itinerary for Symphony of the Seas, but did not read it and had assumed that the ship would depart as previously scheduled.

Maria also claimed that they were not the only passengers who were stranded at Nassau. There were at least six other cruisers who missed the ship in Nassau – its last port of call before returning to Miami.

Speaking to the Sun Online, Maria, a journalist, said she has never missed a boat, a plane or a train in her entire life.

“There was a platform with two crew members and they were mad with us,” Maria, 26, of Costa Rica, said.

“We started yelling to them, ‘Please, please let us on, the cruise is still here.’

“But the guys said, ‘You are not going to be so lucky and we are closing the doors and leaving’.

“Alessandro was in shock because it was his nightmare and it actually happened.

“He was so frustrated he wanted to jump to the ship. But (the drop) was so big and dangerous.”

The video of the holiday mishap was filmed from the deck of the nearby Norwegian Bliss which was berthed close the departing RCI cruise ship.

The couple showed up five minutes late, carrying shopping bags from their excursion. Frantically waving, they tried to get the attention of people on the dock and the ship. But failed to get onboard.

“We thought we were on time,” Maria said. “We were there 4.10pm or 4.15pm and we heard the call from the ship — but there were so many cruises we thought it was another ship.

“Then we heard the horn. When we arrived to the pier we were in shock.”

Here they saw the gangway had been removed and the vessel was in the process of leaving its moorings.

“I think the worst feeling was to see that the boat was still there and knowing we can go inside and see the boat leave without you,” Maria said.

“I think I would have preferred to have been at the pier and the boat had already gone.”

At the immigration office, they found out they were one of three couples that had missed the ship.

Their plight has not garnered much sympathy from seasoned cruisers who maintain they should have checked the schedule, and they kept waiting thousands of passengers who returned to the ship on time.

Cruise Passenger’s website and Facebook page has been a leader in the debate, with thousands of views and scores of comments.

Maria is a household name in her home country who found fame as a 12-year-old on a television show, “Recreo Grande”.

The actress, a top model and social media star, is best known for the weekly TV show “RG Elementos.”

In 2017, she co-starred in the movie “Buscando a Marcos Ramirezm,” a bow-office hit in her home country.

Passengers who miss their cruise ship, can sometimes rejoin the ship at the next port of call.