P&O Cruises have tweaked their drinks package offerings which will include things like bubble tea and non-alcoholic spirits.

The cruise line will still offer five drinks package options, but now selected packages will include cocktails of a higher value, Lassi, Bubble Tea, and Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirit cocktails have been added to select packages.

The P&O Drinks package for $109 per day will now include cocktails up to the value of $17, and the P&O Plus Drinks Package for $119 per day will now include cocktails up to the value of $20.

Lassi & Bubble Tea will now be available as part of the $29 per day Non-Alcoholic package and the P&O Plus Package, however, not in the P&O Drinks Package. However, Lyres Non-alcoholic spirits will be available in both the P&O Drinks and P&O Plus Packages, but not the non-alcoholic package.

P&O Cruises Australia has changed their drinks offerings
P&O Cruises Australia has changed their drinks offerings

Should there be another option?

Some cruisers spoke up and said they wished there could be an option in between the non-alcoholic and P&O drinks package options, which are $80 per day apart in price.

Caroline King wrote: “It would be nice to have a package somewhere in the middle (between $29 and $100 per day) which offers just beer and wine and the non-alcoholic drinks.

“I’d be happy to pay for that and forgo the cocktails and spirits to make it more affordable.”

Graham Battersby feels similarly: “I think there should be another selection between the $29 and $109. It should be all the $29 option plus beer and wine.

“We don’t all drink spirits and cocktails, but like to have a wine or three at meals, and at $14 a small glass it adds up very quickly.”

Should you get the drinks package?

One of the most eternal cruise ship debates is whether it’s worth snapping up the drinks package or not. The unfortunate answer is that it there’s no right answer and it depends on your personal circumstances.

However, if you like to knock a few drinks but aren’t sure it’s enough to justify indulging in the drinks package, we’ve crunched all the numbers here, as to whether the drinks package is worth it on each of the major cruise lines.

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