P&O Cruises has told its passengers that the price of drinks packages bought onboard will be going up from late April.

The price for the P&O premium beverage package will rise by $10 to $89 per person per day if it is purchased on the ship. Packages pre-booked and bought will stay at $79.

The package was launched in September 2015 at $69, and has increased by  29% in just over six months.

The in-room bottled water package is also going up from $15 to $19.80. The soft drink package will stay at $7 per day.

P&O told Cruise Passenger: “Purchasing the package pre-cruise means guests will be able to use the package as soon as they board  – and will also enable crew to focus on serving guests rather than selling and setting the packages up onboard.”

This price rise makes P&O’s packages some of the most expensive in the business. Royal Caribbean’s premium package is US$55 (or around A$71) per day. Princess Cruises’ all-inclusive package is $59 per day. Celebrity Cruises’ premium package is slightly more expensive, at $91 per day, though it does include some pricier drinks. See our full rundown of onboard drink packages here.

Cruiselings who have a current booking have received an email advising them of the price change that affects cruises departing after April 26th.

What do you think? Is $89 per person per day still good value? On a seven-night cruise that’s $623 per person spent at the bar.  Tell us below!