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For those who have a fear of heights…be warned.

Cesilie Carlton, one of the professional divers onboard Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas launched herself off the 17m platform into a diving pool at the back of the ship.
The Red Bull diver is seen in an Instagram video, posted by one of Sydney Brown, one of Cesilie’s colleagues, spinning and then plunging head first into the pool below.aquatheatre
Luckily, Harmony of the Seas has one of the deepest diving pools which makes this impossible dive…well, possible, said Sydney.
“We have one of the deepest pools at sea, and if the ship is moving from side to side, the water in the pool can spill out,” she told the MailOnline Travel.
“If it’s unusually rough weather and we lose too much water, we lose too much water, we postpone shows – safety precaution for our divers who are jumping, like Cesilie, from as high as 55 feet. This is uncommon though.”
Both divers perform on the ship and Cesilie, who has won numerous medals at competitions around the world, now travels onboard the world’s largest ship.

The ladies perform at the AquaTheatre which holds other mind-blowing stunts which include shows like The Fine Line as well as the family-friendly Hideaway Heist.
These ships are only available on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships which sail around the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Might be a bit of a hike to get there, but boy, are they worth it.

Would you jump? took this video of @cesiliecarlton diving from 17m onboard the #HarmonyoftheSeas

A video posted by Sydney Brown (@sydneybrown_xo) on


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