P&O Cruises Australia’s Pacific Encounter rescued three stranded sailors after a mayday call in New Caledonia.

The ship answered the rescue call last Saturday and around 3000 guests were on the ship.

The Pacific Encounter immediately diverted its voyage to come to the aid of the sailors.

The two men and a woman were sailing from Queensland to Noumea when their yacht
suffered a broken mast and loss of power.

The trio, from New Caledonia, had been stranded at sea for three days before being rescued by P&O’s crew, and thankfully were in good health when they were brought onto the ship and assessed by our medical team.

Pacific Encounter resumed her journey to Noumea.

P&O Cruises Australia will always go to the aid of our maritime friends in distress, and we
are pleased this was a successful rescue.

Well done P&O!

The Australian trio that was resuced from their sinking yacht
The Australian trio that was rescued from their sinking yacht.