A luxury rail-ride on the Belmond British Pullman is a common box to be ticked on luxury travellers bucketlist, and a new murder mystery experience package might just be the inspiration to starting ticking it off.

10 actors will be patrolling the carriages, putting on theatrics and sharing snippets of information about a life thats been taken, as guests can choose either to work together or take a lone-wolf approach to solving the case.

As you can imagine, few expenses will be spared among the costume and production budget, offering a fully immersive theatrical experience, in Belmond’s first experience of its kind curated for a rail journey.

Throughout your five-hour luxurious ride, you’ll also enjoy a five-course lunch and be competing for a “special prize” for whoever proves to be the most effective detective.

The characters are also written into the history of the train itself, meaning that amongst the fun you’ll be getting some insight into the history of the British Pullman brand, further drawing you into the world of mystery.

The experience costs $980 per passenger, with rides beginning from March 24 and ending on November 30.

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