Getting sick onboard your cruise is an unpleasant thing, but yes let’s be realistic, it does happen sometimes.

Most recently, there was an outbreak onboard Holland America’s Zaandam on a cruise from Seattle to Alaska where 58 people became ill, with vomiting and diarrhoea as the predominant symptoms.

And especially because we are deep in the winter months, we are more prone to getting sick. So we’ve compiled a list together of some tips to make sure you stay ship shape, and don’t stop cruising.

Pay attention to where and when outbreaks occur

Make sure to take note of when and where there are outbreaks on ships. While cruise lines take extra precautionary measures to make sure the ships are disinfected, keep note of which ships might have reoccurring cases.

Get vaccinated

Because it is flu season, it’s a good time to get yourself vaccinated against the horrible virus. But if you’re travelling to more exotic destinations, make sure you get your shots to prevent diseases like hepatitis A and yellow fever. That would definitely be a way to ruin your cruise.

Wash your hands frequently

Yes, we might be plugging the same line over and over again, but you need to wash your hands and make sure you use the hand sanitisers before entering public areas like the main dining room as well as touching the stairs.

Avoid touching anything

That goes for people and places. Because your cruise might have thousands onboard, the safest way to avoid those germs is to avoid touching railings and even shaking hands with new people. A great tip we learned is to use a tissue paper to open the bathroom door. Some captains even avoid shaking hands at formal dinners to stay clear of any bugs.

Check the hygiene situation on your ship

Are the dining tables clean? Are the bathrooms regularly serviced? If you have any concerns, make sure you let the staff onboard your cruise know. They’ll appreciate the feedback.

If you think someone is sick, report it

If you see someone vomiting, keep your distance and report it to the staff if you think they are sick. And this is a big one, make sure you’re honest with the cruise staff if YOU’RE sick. You don’t want to be the person that causes an outbreak.

Make sure your food is properly protected

Most cruise lines employ staff to dish out food so you avoid touching handles. But if you think something might need to be manned or if food is not being protected properly, let the cruise staff know.

Keep your immune system healthy

While we all love a few drinks on our cruise, make sure you drink plenty of water. Also, get some fresh air and walk around the deck. It’ll get you out of public spaces. Get plenty of sleep and also eat some vegetables and fruits.