It claims to be one of the most fearsome rides on the ocean, with gushing waves spraying unsuspecting spectators and bowling surfers off their boards with its power.

Already, it had literally stripped the bathers off one young lady and sent TV reporter Glen Wheeler tumbling head-over-heels.

The FlowRider is Royal Caribbean’s secret weapon. Sitting on the back of the mighty Voyager of the Seas, it brings surfing to cruising.

Now, it was my turn to try it. And not even the very good looking, tanned young instructors could overcome my qualms.

Could I stand on my board and ride the waves like a champion? Or would I follow in the “board-steps” of my predecessors and end up flat on my back in the water.

So I was told by the instructors to hold the board out against my chest with my elbows resting on top of the board and my hands gripping the top.

I was told to jump from the side in to the middle of the wave.

The water is pumped out from the bottom of the ride which is shaped like a wave barrel.

It is extremely difficult to stay on the board as the force of the water is extremely powerful and the wave barrel shape means when you fall off your board, the water creates a powerful momentum.

Eventually, I managed to hop on to my knees and ride the waves. But after spending half an hour trying to conquer the FlowRider, I walked away with my head hanging, having failed to stand up.

At least I still bad my bathers on.

Looking at the list, the Voyager has a plethora of different activities.

Basketball, rock climbing, miniature golf, kids play areas, spa and massage facilities, arcade games, in-line skating, night-time shows and of course, the infamous FlowRider.

I head downstairs to the ice-rink, ready to carve up the ice like Michelle Kwan.

Unfortunately, the ice-rink was closed for an exhibition. So it was back up to Deck 13 to try the rock-climbing wall.

I’ve been rock climbing many times before, so it was a fun and enjoyable and the different levels of difficulty mean you can try and conquer each path.

I take a walk around the miniature golf course, which doesn’t really tickle my fancy. But for those golf fanatics who feel they may be away from the greens for too long, it’s the perfect place to practice putting.

The arcade is a teenager’s heaven with a heap of different car racing games (even a simulated Harley Davidson ride), air hockey and many more, they will be entertained for many hours.

The gym offers yoga and tai chi classes so for you health fanatics, you can unwind after your workout. And if you are after even more relaxation, you can get a facial at the spa and then soothe those aching muscles in the Jacuzzi – either in the adults only area or the family pool.

My verdict: there is a lot for everyone on the Voyager. Even for an adventure loving sports fanatatic like me.