Cruise Cam

Follow your favourite cruise ship around the world with this app. Using 150 port cameras Cruise Cam captures footage of over a dozen cruise lines as their ships make their way across the world.

The app also uses ship bridge cameras for a Captain’s perspective; and onboard cameras to give a sense of being on board.

If you’re a first time cruiser it’s a great introduction to different itineraries. Experienced cruisers will feel a little nostalgic and may even be inspired to book your next cruise.

The app also has a ship locator so you can see where your favourite ship is sailing in real time.

Cost: $2.49
Available through: iTunes


The encyclopedia of cruising is now available on your phone!

It’s one of world’s most trusted guides to cruising with reviews of 285 cruise ships. It also includes tips on getting the best value for your money, information on themed cruises and on board spa comparisons.

For the first time this year, author Douglas Ward also launched a River Cruising in Europe Guide with reviews of 280 riverships.

Cost: $7.49
Available through: iTunes

Cruise Line Apps

So you’ve found a ship and itinerary you know you want to sail on (using Cruise Cam) and you want to know a little more. Some cruise lines have phone apps that help you sift through their different ships and itineraries while on-the-go.

For example Royal Caribbean International’s app has destination advice, ship facts (like how big they are – and they’re pretty big); special offers; shore excursions; and they have their own web cams you can follow.

The line even has information on soon-to-be released ships, including the innovative Quantum of the Seas.

It’s information direct from the source!

Royal Caribbean International’s official app cost: free
Available through: iTunes and Android Store

Deal Apps

You know what cruise ship you want to sail on and you have an itinerary in mind, now the price needs to be right.

Deal Apps such as Cruise Sale Finder, Cruise Savers and have hundreds of cruise offers available.

As well as amazing deals, the apps also have information on ports, the ships and tips on what you can expect throughout the holiday.

You can customise the apps so when there’s a special offer available on your preferred cruise line, you will receive push button notifications.

Cost: most are free
Available through: iTunes and Android Store

Cruise Countdown

You’ve booked a cruise and now it’s time to countdown.

A countdown helps ease those  agonisingly long days at work because you know your seven-day Mediterranean getaway is just 10 days 4 hours and 35 seconds away!

The app works by entering your cruise code. It will immediately calculate the days, hours and seconds left and display it on the screen.

After that you can check how much time is left before that stressful work presentation or when trying desperately to stay awake on the train.

The app also has an overview of the ship you’ll be sailing on as well as photos and food and dining options on board.

Cost: free
Available through: iTunes and Android Store

Cruise Ship Mate

This app is sort of an all rounder. It has vessel information, images, itineraries, deck cameras, cruising tips – but the highlight is its roll call.

This feature lets you meet your shipmates before even boarding the ship.

Whether you’re cruising on your own or in a group, this app is a great way of making new friends.

Another great feature is that the app doesn’t rely on the Internet, which means you’ll be able to log on and catch up with new friends while at sea without paying extensive Wi-Fi fees.

Cost: free
Available through: iTunes and Android Store

Pack My Bag


Although cruise ships have everything you could possibly need on a holiday, there are those few personal items that just can’t be replaced – and we can’t (don’t want to) live without.

Pack My Bag helps you create a virtual bag and then select items from its library that you need to pack for your trip.

The library has everything from hat, first aid kit, combs, razors, board games – you get the picture.

You can change the quantities of each item – so if you need four pairs of socks you’ll remember to pack all four.

Once your virtual bag is packed, you pull out your actual suitcase and carry on and check them off the list as you place them in.

The list can be accessed from your phone or you can forward it to an email.

Cost: $1.20
Available through: Android Store and iTunes

iHandy Translator


The beauty of cruising is that it can take you to seven different countries within a week. This of course means you’re likely to encounter various cultures and their different languages.

With a translation app you’ll be able to look up words and key sentences to help you get around the exotic locations.

Cost: free
Available through: iTunes and Android Store

Cruise Card Control


You’re now on your cruise and a little concerned about how much you’re spending. You can monitor your cruise expenditures using the Cruise Card Control app.

The app lets you enter a cost and description (so you can remember when you purchased your first cocktail for the day); you can create personalised budgets; and it offers 30 money saving tips and tricks to use before and after your cruise.

Best part is – the app works independently so it doesn’t require a mobile network to work.

Cost: $3,79
Available through: iTunes

What’s your favourite cruise app?