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Want to save $2500 per month living on a cruise ship? Here’s how

The cost of living in Australia has skyrocketed. But Cruise Passenger has crunched the numbers and found it is cheaper to live on a cruise ship than on dry land.

WORDS BY Tallis Boerne Marcus . Aug 9 2023

Where coronavirus is affecting river cruise

River cruise companies in Europe are now reassessing their ships and itineraries, and some are banning boarding by passengers who have travelled through China, Hong Kong and Macau. In Asia, river cruise lines have already […]

WORDS BY Rose Jacobs . Feb 12 2020

Cruises cancelled as coronavirus fears spread

River cruise lines have made their first cancellations due to the coronavirus as it continues to spread across the world. Despite the season typically commencing from March, many lines with vessels operating in China have […]

WORDS BY Rose Jacobs . Jan 28 2020