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Cruise travel insurance: What you need to know

Cruise travel insurance is as important as a passport as one in four Australians report an insurable event on their last overseas trip.

WORDS BY Grant Jones . Dec 29 2023
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Discovering the best travel insurance for seniors: Save thousands with the right policies

Discover the best travel insurance for seniors with Cruise Passenger. Compare policies to save thousands on comprehensive cruise cover. Expert insights and recommendations for older travellers.

WORDS BY Tallis Boerne Marcus . Jul 20 2023

Best travel insurance revealed as Australians risk huge medical bills

Australian travellers, including cruise passengers, are gambling with their health and could face huge bills because they are cutting back on insurance in order to take the trips of their dreams. According to a survey […]

WORDS BY Tallis Boerne Marcus . Jun 16 2023
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Five ways to ‘De-risk’ your international cruise holiday – by the experts

Australians are ready to cruise. Data from Finder reveals that 2.7 million Aussies are keen to cruise in 2022, and Finder travel expert James Martin says that with more than 80 countries cruising while it’s […]

WORDS BY Tallis Boerne Marcus . Feb 3 2022

The first cruise line offering passengers COVID travel insurance

Greek cruise line Celestyal Cruises will provide complimentary travel insurance for all new individual bookings made from now through to November 30 for March to June 2021 sailings. The new policy, which is provided by […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Oct 21 2020

The big question about your next cruise: can you get travel insurance?

There has been, understandably, a lot of  uncertainty about future travel plans. While we might be able to book a holiday for 2021 and 2022, we may not be able to get an insurance policy […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jun 25 2020

Why insurance didn’t help One Ocean passengers left high, dry and thousands out of pocket

Canadian cruise company One Ocean Expeditions first left passengers high and dry after cancelling numerous sailings – then offered customers a choice as to how they may be able to be “partially” reimbursed. But the […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jan 17 2020
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What your travel insurance doesn’t cover – you’ll be shocked!

The collapse of travel giant Thomas Cook and local players Bentours and Tempo Holidays all in the space of a week left thousands of travellers shocked, and some stranded. The fallout has revealed an even […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Sep 26 2019

After checking 243 policies, report reveals cheapest travel insurance

It pays to shop around for your travel insurance as you could be saving over $200 on similar policies, according to a new report by price comparison website It also highlights that adventure cruisers […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Sep 13 2019
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82% of cruisers still don’t understand medicare cover on ships – here are the facts

A survey released this week found eight out of ten cruisers still think Medicare covers them anywhere – and they are especially confused when on a domestic cruise. The Compare Travel Insurance poll found 82 […]

WORDS BY Teresa Ooi . Aug 22 2019
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The sorry story of a couple charged $7,479 in cancellation fees

The letter from an elderly lady was heartrending. Four days after she had booked a $9,462 cruise, her husband was taken to hospital with an infection. With nearly three months left to the travel date, […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . May 31 2019