Last week sentencing was completed on the White Island volcanic disaster that took the lives of many travellers. This week, viral videos circulated of a LATAM airlines flight gone wrong, where passengers even went crashing into the airplane’s ceiling.

However, despite constant reminders of all the things that could go wrong, The Insurance Council of Australia has revealed that one in six Australian travellers are still travelling without insurance. Furthermore, the survey commissioned by Smarttraveller revealed that 41% of Australians would consider an overseas trip without travel insurance. 

ICA COE Andrew Hall said: “School holidays will be here before we know it, so now is the time to ensure you have the proper insurance coverage if you’re planning an overseas trip.

“We hear of too many stories of families facing financial hardship due to medical emergencies or accidents overseas, simply because they didn’t have travel insurance.

“Travel insurance is as vital as your passport. We encourage everyone planning a trip to purchase travel insurance well in advance and to carefully read the terms and conditions.”  

Why aren’t Aussies using travel insurance?

The most common reasons cited for not having travel insurance were:

  • Perceived safety: 24 per cent believed their destination was safe enough.
  • Unsure if it was needed: 27 per cent didn’t think it was necessary.
  • Short trip: four per cent felt their trip was too short to warrant insurance.

The survey also found 44 per cent of travellers used Smartraveller for pre-trip information. Moreover, 10 per cent would still travel to destinations against government advice.

Here is what you need and why you need Cruise Travel insurance

  • You are at sea – or the river for that matter!  Yes, we state the obvious but as safe as modern cruise ships are, you are still subject to the whims of the weather. The plushest cruise lines have had issues. Some ships have been hit by a rogue wave, or passengers have been thrown from a Zodiac. And river travel is not always sedentary with floods and droughts often hindering the normally easy flow of river cruise lines.  
  • You have valuables. As your backpack is filled with passports, a little cash, and some jewellery for that special restaurant night, it’s worth something. It was here a minute ago. Or it could be as simple as that two-weeks worth of clothing in your luggage that never made its way on/off the plane before you got to port. Travelling trackie dacks, a hoodie, plus a pair of Disney ears and a pair of Speedos will not be suitable travel attire for the duration of your entire trip.

Why you need cruise-specific travel insurance

  • What is cruise-specific insurance? Specialist Cruise Packs are designed to cover onboard medical costs, ship-to-shore evacuation, pre‑paid shore excursion cancellation, cabin confinement, plus a few other incidents specific to cruises.
  • Adventure cruisers and other bruises. While your cruise line or insurance might cover you for any injury received scooting down a water slide, the same will not apply if you fall down a waterfall. Likewise a fall from a moped, crashing from a camel or being kicked by a donkey. It’s advised to take out adventure coverage designed to cover a wide range of activities. That may includesmotorcycles, mopeds and scooters, quad biking, zip lining, river tubing, animal handling and more.
  • Mother nature will do her thing. The recent decision to award victims $10m over the White Island tragedy, was as a result of the risks taken on a shore excursion. The unstable New Zealand volcano exploded resulting in the deaths of 22 people. That included some Royal Caribbean passengers and the serious injury of numerous others.

The volcano erupted on White Island in New Zealand’s northeastern Bay of Plenty #cruise #cruiseaccident #cruiseships #cruiselawyer

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@Cruiseshiplawyer explains the outcomes of the White Island tragedy on TikTok.

Key takeaways for cruise travellers

  • Purchase cruise travel insurance before your trip.
  • Read the policy terms and conditions carefully.
  • Use Smartraveller ( for the latest travel advice and information.

Finally, if you choose to cruise and the unexpected happens, make sure you don’t lose. Take out cruise travel insurance.

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