More than 26 million bags disappeared or were misplaced across the world’s airports last year, according to recent data released. That’s about nine lost or misplaced bags for every 1000 that are checked in.

Unless cruising from your local port, most cruisers have to fly to join their cruise, this is where most problems occur. I have never heard of bags being lost when checking into cruise ships.

Take out travel insurance: A good travel insurance policy can cover you for the value of your belongings, as well as many of the associated costs that arise from losing your luggage.

Be prepared: Before you fly, write down the brand, size and colour of your luggage, and if possible, take a photo. This can be a life saver while overseas, especially when trying to communicate with a language barrier.

Pack smartly: It’s a great idea to make the most of your carry-on luggage. Keep your essential items with you, so that if your checked bag does go missing, you have the necessities to deal with the situation.

Remove destination stickers: Some travellers like to leave old destination stickers on their bags, but this will confuse baggage handlers and can result in your luggage ending up just about anywhere!

Travellers should also be aware of the differing luggage restrictions between countries and airlines. While your flight out of Australia might have a generous baggage allowance, your connection overseas might charge for each piece. Your travel agent is a fantastic source of information and will be best placed to advise you about this before you fly.