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Koningsdam is the only HAL ship with TRX suspension fitness
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Stay ship shape on your cruise

Keeping fit on a modern ship is much more fun than simply strolling the promenade deck. From early morning yoga and gym classes to surf simulators and circus schools, there is something for everyone. Ice-skating […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Nov 30 2017
Sports Square; Balancing
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15 ways to keep fit on a cruise ship

On modern ships, getting your daily exercise doesn’t have to mean a stroll on the promenade deck. Whether you like early morning yoga sessions, sweating it out at spin class, or getting your adrenaline pumping […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jun 29 2017
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Best gyms at sea

That extra visit to the breakfast buffet or cocktails by the pool can all add up. So if you want to keep the bulge at bay, here are some great gyms and fitness programs to keep […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Jun 15 2017
Onboard spa treatments
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Mud on the menu – sampling some onboard spa treatments

There is more than one way to be revitalised while cruising. From the wacky to the downright tasty, Jac Taylor takes a look at some of the spa treatments available. It’s a wonderful feeling. You’re […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Apr 26 2017
Treats from the East
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Treats from the East

From the largest Japanese bath at sea to ancient Ayurveda therapies, cruise lines are borrowing from ancient Asian practices to promote relaxation on board. Cruise lines now have a plethora of spa treatments on board […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Apr 26 2017
Persian Gardens
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Keeping ship shape on your cruise

Gone are the days when embarking on a cruise almost guaranteed coming home a few kilos heavier and a little worse for wear after overindulging at the bars and buffets. Today, many travellers are choosing […]

WORDS BY Teresa Ooi . Jul 1 2016
Stay Healthy on a cruise-cruisepassenger

Six easy tips for healthy cruising

Any holiday calls for some quick health measures. However, they do get specific when you are on a cruise. Recently many guests aboard cruise ships arriving in Australia were struck down with norovirus. Check our […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Feb 24 2016
10 ways to cruise yourself slim

10 ways to cruise yourself slim

So you want to cruise your heart out and come back without piling on the pounds? Well yes, it’s not a dream – you can do it. These 10 tips from the authors of a […]

WORDS BY Bernadette Chua . Feb 12 2016
Top five ways to avoid Norovirus on a cruise
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Top five ways to avoid Norovirus on a cruise

  The recent outbreak of Norovirus aboard the Diamond Princess in Sydney has once again stirred a debate about health concerns during a cruise vacation. There have been a couple of gastro-related incidents on leading […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Feb 5 2016
Art Funnel Climb P&O
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The most unlikely workouts at sea

On August 15, when Pacific Pearl emerges from dry dock, she’ll be boasting an array of new activities. The P&OEdge Adventure Park – also known as ‘the world’s largest adventure park at sea’ – will […]

WORDS BY Peter Lynch . Jul 31 2015
low carb dishes on board
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Tips to stay ship-shape at sea

He’s Carnival’s newest ambassador and his mission is to keep cruisers fit at sea. The spotlight is on The Biggest Loser trainer, Shannan Ponton, in the latest issue of Cruise Passenger magazine, which is out […]

WORDS BY Cruise Passenger . Jul 4 2014