On August 15, when Pacific Pearl emerges from dry dock, she’ll be boasting an array of new activities.

The P&OEdge Adventure Park – also known as ‘the world’s largest adventure park at sea’ – will feature more than 15 heart-pounding, addictive activities. Royal Caribbean also has a similar set of activities inside its SeaPlex on its huge Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.

These ‘fun parks’ aren’t just fun – they’re also good for your health. And it’s all part of a new wave of activities at sea that have the benefit of keeping cruisers fit.

Personal trainer Amanda Tucker of Inspired Strength explains this incidental exercise can work out areas of the body that average exercise, such as walking along the footpath, just can’t get to.

So you really can have it all – fun and a full body workout at the same time.

Just for Cruise Passenger readers, Amanda listed out the benefits of some of our favourite activities:

Abseiling with P&O: “It’s a full-body workout. My abs are always so sore after that!”

Flying Fox with P&O: “This is a huge upper-body work, but if you’re doing it right – including your legs – you’ll be using most of your muscles. For a lot of people, this is also a confidence workout, as they’re stepping out of their comfort zone.”

Aft Funnel Climbs with P&O: “Essentially this rock climbing-based activity should be a full-body workout, but people who aren’t used to doing it tend to use their upper body a lot. Regular rockclimbers tend to use their legs, not just their arms, which is why they don’t fatigue.”

Bow Ladder Climb with P&O: “This is primarily a leg workout.”

Rollerskating with Royal Caribbean: “A core workout, because otherwise you’d be falling all over the place, but it’s definitely a good leg workout.”

Trapeze with Royal Caribbean: “Trapeze definitely relies on a lot of upper-body and core strength, because if you don’t have core strength you won’t be able to get yourself up and over the bar when you’re flipping upside down. A lot of people – particularly adults, as the fear factor kicks in – have trouble with this, but it is a lot of fun.”

And the benefit doesn’t end there. Amanda goes on to explain Abseiling, Flying Fox and the Bow Ladder Climb are also good for exercising mental health.

“There’s a fear factor there, so not only is your workout stronger because, with heights, you’re more likely to tense your muscles, you’re also giving yourself a mental workout by challenging and hopefully overcoming your fears.”

These are obviously not activities one would expect to find on a cruise ship – so what does the expert think: Is this an idea that should be adopted by all cruise lines?

Yes – “because otherwise passengers will be too sedentary on their holiday”.

“We’re too sedentary in daily life to go on a holiday and just sit there eating and drinking, and wasting golden opportunities to experience something new,” explains Amanda.

“It’s good for people to get out and do something different when they’ve got that relaxed atmosphere that they wouldn’t normally do at home because they’re just so busy. It’s all about living life to its fullest.”