Nothing compares to the Antarctica. When you explore the white continent covered with ice at least 1.6km thick, you will be blown away by the sight of penguins, whales and seals, frolicking in their natural habitat. It is an experience you will never forget.

Now Hurtigruten Expeditions, the world’s leader in expedition cruises which has been sailing the polar waters for more than 20 years, is offering savings of up to 15 per cent on Antarctica voyages.

But hurry, Hurtigruten Expeditions’ sale finishes on Sunday, 23 May.

MS Roald Amundsen in Antarctica

Antarctica is twice the size of Australia. About 98 per cent of the continent is covered in ice, so there are no native inhabitants but it attracts more than 30,000 tourists during its short summer season.

Here the elements rule. While exploring the vast, white continent may seem extreme to many. That’s exactly why people want to visit it.

Antarctica is also teeming with wildlife. It is home to millions of penguins and thousands of whales which indulge in a feeding frenzy during the Austral summer months from October to March. About 10 species of whales migrate to Antarctica to breed. Here you can spot the humpback, minke, orcas, southern right and sperm whales as they swim close to the ship.

Antarctica is also a seal sanctuary which are well adapted to the freezing conditions because of their thick layer of blubber and fur. You will see the common crabeater seals, known for their ability to devour krill and the adorable Weddell seals as they laze on the ice.

With Hurtigruten, you won’t simply wave at Antarctica from your ship. You will be accompanied by an experienced expedition team to land on shore, take you on small boat rides around the area or simply go kayaking, snowshoeing and even camping.

Camping in Antarctica

Here you will enjoy gliding through the icy waters in serene silence and admire the breathtaking, frozen landscape. When conditions are right, you can go snowshoeing so that you can easily walk on the soft snow. Suddenly, you can climb hills and cross white plains that were totally out of reach before. You will feel like a true explorer. And when you go on an extended hike in the Antarctica, you will reach the best spots to admire the stunningly pristine sights.

Armed with years of knowledge and experience about the white continent, Hurtigruten Expeditions’ expedition team will also regale you with stories reflecting their deep knowledge about climate change, geology and wildlife as you marvel at the spectacular sight of giant icebergs and glaciers. Their passion and energy are infectious.

MS Roald Amundsen cutting through the ice

You can continue to learn about the white continent’s history and science when you are back on board the lowest possible carbon footprint of all expedition cruises to the Antarctica.

It is a once-a-lifetime destination never to be missed.

Hurtigruten Expeditions’ Sale with savings of up to 15 per cent on Antarctica itineraries ends on Sunday, May 23.

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